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Submit A Devotional

Writing devotionals for FCA

FCA resources fill a unique need because our devotionals apply Biblical truths to the competitive mindset and sports atmosphere. In order to achieve this, each devotional should follow this general outline:

  • Open with a story, example or thought that may or may not be directly sports related
  • Apply the lesson learned to the coach/athlete
  • Give the Biblical truth (Scripture)
  • Apply the Biblical truth back to the mindset of an athlete or coach

Writing with a competitive mindset

FCA devotionals are unique because they appeal to the competitive mindset.  Please write devotionals in a way that relates to all levels of a competitor as an athlete and/or coach. Avoid general “Christian living” principles, but instead focus on how the Biblical truth applies to sport, competition, pre-game, post-game, practice, team etc.

We want to reach the heart and soul of athletes and coaches, and FCA devotionals should be written with them specifically in mind.

While we cannot guarantee every devotional submitted will be selected as an Impact Play, each submission will be reviewed. There is also the possibility that if a submission is not selected, it could be published on FCAResources.com.

Devotional Information

This is the key Bible verse for the devotional
2-3 questions that will challenge readers to apply what they've learned
This is the body of your devotional. 200-400 words
2-3 additional verses to read that relate to the devotional
*All writers will receive full attribution on published devotionals. All submissions will remain the property of the respective writers. However, thr Fellowship of Cristian Athletes reserves the right to edit submissions for content and length, and post devotionals, in any FCA publications deemed appropriate. By submitting this form, you agree to these terms.