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2017 College Football Player Profiles

College football players from around the country share how they passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Published on November 01, 2017

by FCA
Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC


J.D. Davis – Clemson Clemson-Davis

#33 – Jr./LB/Clemson, South Carolina

“In everything I do, I try to be like Jesus, because any man who is willing to take the beating He did and die for my sins is someone worth devoting my life to.”

Judah Davis – Clemson Clemson-JudahDavis

#36 – Jr./LB/Clemson, South Carolina

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because I believe He is my Savior. I do that by finding ways to keep engaged with my faith throughout the week—church on Sunday, Bible study on Tuesday and praise team practice on Wednesday.”

Hunter Renfrow – Clemson Clemson-Renfrow

#13 – RS-Jr./WR/Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“I pursue a relationship with Christ by surrounding myself with the godly leadership and players around the team. They are constantly pointing me to Christ, and it allows me to play free and without pressure.”

On FCA: “It has always been a large part of my life and has allowed me to become who I am today. Growing up, my parents were a part of FCA in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and it gave me an avenue to grow in my faith while meeting athletes who were constantly pursuing Christ.”

Alec Eberle – Florida State Florida State-Eberle

#54 – RS-Jr./OL/Mechanicsville, Virginia

“I choose to follow Christ and have a relationship with Him because with Him anything is possible, and I firmly believe He gives me the opportunities He does for a reason.”

Darvin Taylor II – Florida State Florida State-Darvin

#86 – RS-Soph./DT/Chester, Virginia

“I have been challenged to live out what I talk about with God. Being someone who people look at and watch in the locker room is a big responsibility to not only act like Christ, but to lead as a servant as He did for us.”

Kam Jones – Louisville Louisville-Jones

#56 – Fr./LB/Gwinnett, Georgia

When we have a relationship with Jesus, He becomes Lord of our lives. He protects, guides and comforts us. The Lord also gives me purpose and direction in life. Paul says it best in Philippians 3:10: ‘I want to know Christ...’

Malik Staples – Louisville Louisville-Staples

#31 – Soph./LB/Suwanee, Georgia

“Jesus gives me hope and a reason to keep pushing in this thing called life. I want to use my life to touch others, and use my platform to point people to Jesus.”

Jack Click – Virginia Tech Virginia Tech-Click

#11 – RS-Soph./QB/Glen Allen, Virginia

“I pursue Christ because, to me, He’s the only place to find life. Pursuing the things of this world will just leave you empty, but Jesus will never let you down.”

Anthony Shegog – Virginia Tech Virginia Tech-Shegog

#24 – RS-Sr./LB/Stafford, Virginia

“I began to pursue a relationship with Christ thanks to my high school team chapel and the local church pastor who led it.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC

American and Conference USA

Mark Hutchinson – Florida International Florida International-Hutchinson

#17 – Soph./WR/Zephyrhills, Florida

“I’ve come to realize what God has done for me personally. He works in a mighty way. You have to be bold about your faith, because God won’t put you in a place you can’t handle.”

Boston Scott – Louisiana Tech Louisana Tech-Scott

#6 – RS-Sr./RB/Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“Christ died on the cross for our sins, and through that we have a hope for salvation, a hope of one day being seated with Him in Heaven. I want to give Him the glory in any and every way I can. This is football, but it is also my mission field.”

Bennett Moehring – Navy Navy-BennettMoehring

#16 – Jr./K/Bentonville, Arkansas

I pursue a relationship with Christ because He died on the cross to give me eternal life. He blessed me with the talent I have to play football and it's my role to use that talent to the best of my ability and give Him all the glory while doing so.”

Micah Thomas – Navy Navy-MicahThomas

#44 – Sr./LB/Cedar Park, Texas

“All of the blessings and talents I have received come from Him, so why waste them by doing anything but your best? Have faith, remain humble, stay in the Word, embrace adversity, and spend time with like-minded people.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC

B1G 10

Gabe Rahn – Nebraska Nebraska-Rahn

#81 – Sr./WR/Le Mars, Iowa

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Christ because He gave His all for me on the cross, so my only appropriate response is to give my all for Him every day. This life isn’t mine to live; it’s His.”

Chris Weber – Nebraska Nebraska-Weber

#49 – Sr./LB/Omaha, Nebraska

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus because His love has given me the purpose for my life. Each day, I pursue Him by reading His Word and being surrounded by other believers.”

David Blough – Purdue Purdue-Blough

#11 – Jr./QB/Carrollton, Texas

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Christ because of His sacrifice on the cross. Serving a King who paid the ultimate price of death, bearing the weight of the world on His shoulders, for me to have a relationship with Him ... everything I do ought to be to serve Him!”

On FCA: “The most influential person in my life over the three and a half years at Purdue is FCA Campus Director Marty Dittmar. Through discipleship, mission trips and weekly FCA Huddles, the ministry of FCA has helped mold me into the man I am today.”

Elijah Sindelar – Purdue Purdue-Sindelar

#2 – Soph./QB/Princeton, Kentucky

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because He never leaves or forsakes me. He fights for me just like He did for the Israelites and His people; that’s why I cling to Isaiah 41:10 and Exodus 14:13-14.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC

Big 12

Clay Johnston – Baylor Baylor-Johnston

#44 – Soph./LB/Abilene, Texas

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus simply because the Son of God, fully manifested in the flesh, took my place upon the cross for my own sin. So now I must pick up my cross daily and crucify my own will and rejoice in the Father’s presence.”

Blake Murphy – Baylor Baylor-Murphy

#81 – Sr./WR/Lake Forest, California

“I made the decision to passionately pursue Christ because I have personally experienced His love and His power in my life. Knowing that I serve a King who forgives and provides for me keeps my fire for Him going.”

D.J. Reed – Kansas State Kansas State-Reed

#2 – Jr./DB/Bakersfield, California

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because He loves me unconditionally, and He will never leave my side.”

Rodney Anderson – Oklahoma  Oklahoma-Anderson

#24 – RS-Soph./RB/Katy, Texas

“I pursue God by getting connected to a church and constantly surrounding myself with like-minded godly believers. I feel like it’s important to stay around believers because sin lurks around every corner.”

Caleb Kelly – Oklahoma Oklahoma-Kelly

#19 – Soph./LB/Fresno, California

“I pursue God because I owe Him everything and deserve nothing. To go a day without Christ is to go a day lost in worldly distractions. Striving for Him makes life full of love and bliss.”

Brad Lundblade – Oklahoma State OSU-Lundblade

#71 – Sr./OL/Argyle, Texas

“I pursue Christ through the daily studying of Scripture and prayer because I trust that Jesus is the only hope for my salvation, and that the joy of knowing Christ is eternal and better than anything this world can offer.”

Ramon Richards – Oklahoma State OSU-Rishards

#7 – Sr./S/San Antonio, Texas

“I thank God for giving me the opportunity to chase any dream I want. He gives me everything I need. Faith and gratitude—along with spreading the positivity of Christ—brings joy to my life and the people around me.”

John Diarse – TCU TCU-Diarse

#9 – Sr./WR/Monroe, Louisiana

“I actively pursue my relationship with Christ through regularly scheduled times of meditation and having simple and straight-forward conversations with Him.”

Gary Jennings – West Virginia West Virginia-Jennings

#12 – Jr./WR/Stafford, Virginia

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus because without Him I am nothing.”

Nick Meadows – West Virginia West Virginia-Meadows 
#52 – RS-Sr./LS/Williamstown, West Virginia

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because He sacrificed Himself for our sins, allowing us to live an eternal life through Him. As my relationship with Christ grows stronger, I look to glorify God in everything I do because He gives me the strength to do all.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC

Mountain West

Brett Rypien – Boise State Boise State-Rypien

#4 – Jr./QB/Spokane, Washington

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because I know He has a plan for my life, and, throughout any ups and downs, He will always be there for me.”

Cedrick Wilson – Boise State  Boise State-Wilson
 #1 – Sr./WR/Memphis, Tennessee

“I pursue a relationship with Christ because I know everything I have done—and everything I have and will have in the future—is all part of His plan. I have been blessed beyond measure, and there is only one reason for it, and that is Christ Jesus!”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC


Jay Macintyre – Colorado Colorado-Macintyre

#14 – Jr./WR/Boulder, Colorado

“When I am close to Jesus, I am doing everything I can to build that relationship, and I feel like the weight of the world isn’t on me. I am here for a bigger purpose than myself, and that’s what gets me through every single day.”

Derek McCartney – Colorado Colorado-McCartney

#95 – Sr./LB/Westminster, Colorado

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because of the sacrifice He made for me, coming down from Heaven and dying for our sins. It’s the least I can do to serve Him with everything I do. It’s not always easy, but it is really cool to see how He works in our lives.”

Harrison Phillips – Stanford Stanford-Harrison

#66 – Sr./DT/Omaha, Nebraska

“Jesus has always been the biggest priority in my life. I am forever grateful for the grace in which I was saved. I know that my day-to-day is directly impacted by Him, and I strive to get to know Him more and more every day to try to be a reflection of Him.”

On FCA: “It’s always been there for me. I have been a strong believer my whole life, but in down times, like suffering a season-ending injury, it was my family away from home. My relationship with Jesus only grows deeper the more involved I get with FCA. I’m thankful for my role as co-president with our campus Huddle, encouraging others and learning more myself.”

Watch a video profile featuring Harrison Phillips here.

JoJo McIntosh – Washington Washington-Mcintosh

#14 – Jr./DB/Canyon Country, California

“I grew up in faith and love for Jesus Christ. I have felt His everlasting love and grace. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for us; it is only right I give him praise and glory. God is great! All the time!”

Dante Pettis – Washington Washington-Pettis

#8 – Sr./WR/Clemente, California

“I pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ because I feel happiest when I am following Him. No matter what is going on around me, if I am rooted in my faith, I will always feel secure while walking with Christ.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC


Minkah Fitzpatrick – Alabama Alabama-Fitzpatrick

#29 – Jr./DB/Old Bridge, New Jersey

“I pursue a relationship with God by spending time in His Word and being in His presence. He is a relational God, so forming a relationship with Him is most important to me.”

On FCA: “Being involved with FCA has helped me find like-minded people on campus. It can be very hard at times on a college campus to find people who you can share the Word with, but the friends I have made at FCA are easy to talk to about Christ and love spending time in the Word.”

J.K. Scott – Alabama Alabama-Scott

#10 – Sr./P/Denver, Colorado

“Jesus left Heaven — perfect communion and happiness with the Father — and died for me, just for a shot that I would even consider Him. Why would I not? Why would I hold on to what I think is my life when I really have nothing without Him?”

Austin Golson – Auburn Auburn-Golson

#73 – Sr./OL/Prattville, Alabama

“I pursue a relationship with the Lord because my family raised me that way, and God has a plan for each of us. Christ died on the cross for our sins, so I feel like the least I can do is give back to Him.”

Jeb Blazevich – Georgia Georgia-Blazevich

#83 – Sr./TE/Charlotte, North Carolina

“I pursue a relationship with Christ through spending quality time with Him. Without spending time every day with Jesus, listening and talking to Him, I can’t be the man I want to be.”

Aaron Davis – Georgia Georgia-Davis

#35 – Sr./DB/Locust Grove, Georgia

“I passionately pursue a relationship with Christ through the way I live my life. I feel like if I can serve as many people as I possibly can and study the Word, then I can continue to grow in my relationship with Him.”

John David Moore – LSU LSU-Moore

#18 – Sr./FB/Ruston, Louisiana

“I pursue Christ because He first pursued me. Just like the parable [in Matthew 13:44] of the man who found a treasure in a field, sold all he had and bought the field, I realize Christ is worth everything I have, and I seek to glorify Him in all I do, especially sports.”

On FCA: “It has changed the way I compete and shaped me into the leader I am today. I have learned to do sports God’s way, glorifying Him with my attitude and effort. FCA has also challenged me to use my platform to share the gospel with my teammates, peers and coaches.”

Austin Frey – Texas A&M  Texas A&M-Frey

#45 – Jr./DS/Tomball, Texas

“A Christian athlete mentor explained to me about being a light in the darkness. I’m meant to share the love of Christ in all I do by glorifying God. I pursue Christ with all I have because that is what I am created for and the only thing that leaves me fulfilled.”

Koda Martin – Texas A&M Texas A&M-Martin

#75 – Jr./OL/Manvel, Texas

“I passionately pursue Christ because while I was yet a sinner, He died for me. He passionately pursues us. He’s my everything, and apart from Him I can do nothing.”

Players by Conference:

ACC   AAC/C-USA    B1G 10    Big 12    Mountain West    Pac-12    SEC


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