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  • Stop, Drop and Remember

    Since it is so hard for me to remember, I have implemented three exercises I do at the end of each year that forces me to Stop, Drop and Remember...

  • Breakthrough in the Caribbean

    If Mark Hull has learned one thing from his global travels, it’s the simple fact that, while cultures can be vastly different, there are two common threads between them all.

  • International Impact Video Report

    FCA has expanded from 62 countries into 84 this past year through the faithfulness of 242 international leaders.

  • Thanksgiving Power

    Thanksgiving should be the theme song for followers of Christ. We should have thanksgiving flowing from our lips daily.

  • Unbroken Prayer

    Unbroken prayer. That’s what we need for our ministry here in the Mid-Atlantic, and as we reach out to our global partners in East Asia.

  • The Go Principle

    When we step out of our comfort zone, God shows up.

  • Reaching The 80,000

    “80,000 coaches deserve to hear the gospel, have a Bible in their hand, and get plugged into a Huddle.”

  • There's No Other Way

    A biblical definition of obedience is simply to hear God's Word and act accordingly. The problem isn’t hearing, but rather acting.

  • Saved for a Purpose

    In 1996, Linje Nankhuni came to the United States to participate in the Olympic dream.

  • Vision Casting in Africa

    Leaders from eleven African nations, who have a passion to see their sports community transformed, gathered this past June in Accra, Ghana, for FCA International’s inaugural Africa Capacity Conference.

  • A 28-Year Miracle

    So often we want instant miracles, not a 28-year miracle. Spiritual seeds planted with obedience and faith will always produce fruit, just not when and how we want.

  • Break the Huddle

    Even though there is power, value and purpose in the huddle, there has to come a time to break the huddle.