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  • The 10 Irrational Laws of Serving

    When serving, we need to have intentionality, intensity and intimacy. The passion for serving must come from the heart.

  • Just Step Out

    FCA Kenya hosts the first overnight camp in Africa.

  • Daniel Dias - Paralympic Swimming, Brazil

    "If God puts me in a certain situation, He will give me the power, knowledge and the wisdom for making a way for balance in my life."

  • What's Your Go-To?

    What is your go-to move that allows you to be your best for Christ?

  • Always Faithful

    Dedicated FCA volunteer Mike Kehler has been pouring into Canadian athletes for more than 40 years.

  • Let's Pray Real Quick

    Prayer isn’t something to rush through to get to the work. Prayer is the work!

  • Reaching the Nations in Toronto

    Couple’s heart for multi-cultural ministry leads them to partner with a local church for sports ministry.

  • Dog on a Leash

    Instead of asking ourselves how close we can get to the line without sinning, we must ask how close we can get to the Lord.

  • Paying It Forward

    Assistant Regional International Coordinator Hannah Kao steps out in faith.

  • An Experience to Remember

    "I heard some memorable experiences that reinforced my faith in the power of prayer."

  • Eye-Popping Grace

    We don’t deserve to be saved, but it is through God’s grace upon us that we can receive salvation.

  • Ultimate Devotion

    How ultimate frisbee is impacting university campuses in Southeast Asia.

  • The New Four-Letter Word

    Our families, teams, churches, schools, businesses and organizations should be a place of fertile ground to cultivate a spirit of finishing.

  • Leaving It All

    A series of steps into the unknown built the faith of one leader in Southeast Asia.

  • Reaching Every Generation

    Reflecting on FCA's ministry to athletes over the years and the exponential ministry growth.

  • Changing the Game

    Owen Hughes and sports ministry in Wales is just beginning with significant impact on the horizon.

  • Coach Q&A: Oleksandr "Sasha" Pastukhov

    "I was shocked because I thought you had to pray and read the Bible in church, but I was meeting God in the Huddle and we weren’t in a church." -Sasha Pastukhov

  • Right at Home

    A Ukraine wrestling coach found new perspective in Greece.

  • Leading by Example

    "I want to encourage athletes and coaches no matter what their level of competition and give them the opportunity to see God’s potential with them." -Daniel Lee