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“The Ukraine experience revealed that Coaches and Athletes are the same all across the world. There is really nothing I have found more similar among all people than a love for Christ and a love for Sports.”

Shane Williamson, Field Vice President, FCA

“Our Power Camp at Spanish Wells in the Bahamas was nothing short of phenomenal. We were able to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ in an area that had never even heard of using sports as an evangelistic tool. We have been invited back again next summer by new churches to conduct camps on 2 additional islands. Praise God!”

Terry Hill, FCA Volunteer

“I never realized I could serve God through the game of baseball that I love so dearly. This clinic has truly changed my life and I will never look at the game the same ever again.”

Mike Furbush, Sharpsburg Youth Baseball Association, President

“Thank you FCA for putting together this trip. It was a wonderful way for me to spend a week serving the Lord and the people of Italy.”

Traci Duck, FCA Huddle Coach

“I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this trip. It has been all I could have ever dreamed and more. The kids in Italy were so fun and such good athletes. This has me pumped up to go back to my team and lead for God.”

Erica Robinson, FCA Student Leader and Softball Player, LaGrange College

“I went to make an impact on Korea and Korea made an impact on me! The 2 highlights of the trip for me were the affection shown to me by the Korean kids and adults and the inspiring faith of the Korean believers. What a treat to have a 4-day camp as an opportunity to build relationships with the kids and adult leaders. It is amazing how love can overcome language and cultural barriers! The request I heard the most was – ‘Will I see you next year when I come back to FCA camp?…The opportunities for FCA in Korea are limitless! Through schools, sports clubs, and church partnerships, there is every reason to believe that an FCA staff would flourish in that country!’”

Kerry O’Neill, Virginia Coastal Area, FCA Director

“FCA is a tool we can bring to other countries and it can change campuses in those countries just like it does here in the US. If something is working we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves but share it and allow the impact to spread.”

Julie Martin, FCA Volunteer

“My experience in South Korea was one that branded my heart forever. As we would enter into times of worship at the camp, I intently observed the Korean church leaders and adults. They would be on their knees, face down, crying to God over their youth. Their passion and devotion to see kids come to Christ was one that I have never experienced before. These leaders were genuinely broken for their young people, desiring that they know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. This was extremely convicting for me to watch. All I could ask myself was, when was the last time I was that broken over my students back in Atlanta? South Korea refueled my passion for young people in America and challenged me to step up and fervently pray without ceasing over them. I want to be like those Korean leaders. I want to be broken for our young people and see revival spread all throughout the US!”

Sarah Hobbs, FCA Volunteer