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Rest in Your Rhythm

Published on October 07, 2016

by Sarah Rennicke

October nips at your skin with cool teeth, reminding you you’re alive and have survived the stifling heat of summer. You wrap your hoodie tighter around your body, lift your eyes to trees changing hues. Green to gold, russet in the late afternoon light. Nature knows the shift that’s coming. Inevitably, seasons come and seasons go, transitioning into one another with coordinating cadence.

You, too, sense something different. What is this new rhythm rising in your chest? The case for Christ? The pull to press on? A shedding of your old ways to make way for new life to come? Much needed and sought after rest for the real, God-imprint you?

As you discover the stirrings of Autumn and the way your own heart also moves, consider these few ways FCA may help you retain this renewal while discovering more deeply who God has created you to be and how to bring Him into your world.


VW4-TWVirtuous Woman: Excellence- Gather a group of friends or teammates and tackle the fourth and final installment in the Virtuous Woman study series that dissects and personalizes FCA’s Core Values. Go deeper into what it looks like to live a life of excellence in this free downloadable resource designed for high school girls that cuts into daily life by discovering the characters of biblical women who exemplify the heart of God.   Virtuous Woman: Excellence


FCA YouVersion Apps: Rise and Bold and Beautiful- Take God on the go with two new plans on the popular Bible app YouVersion.

rise-youversion-adThe free “FCA Rise Devotional for Competitors” 31-day reading plan, based on FCA’s 2016 Camp theme, dials into your heart to help you Rise above the clamor of the world with God’s Word rooting you in His love.   FCA: Rise

b+b-headerIntentionally dedicate ten days of heart transformation to “Bold and Beautiful” as you encounter the God who created you exactly as you are, in His image—female, and an athlete. Selected from the Bible study written for college female athletes, begin each day understanding your divine design through scripture and reflection questions.   Bold & Beautiful

globalgrit-header-web2 (003)Global Grit- Take a look outside yourself and size up the ever-expanding world of God. A monthly devotion column to inspire your own heart while also honing in on the great things God is developing across the globe. As your faith stretches, so does the world around you—whether that starts in your neighborhood, your team, or state—until it reaches the ends of the earth.  Global Grit


victory365-coverVictory 365- Feel a need to flip through the pages of a book for specific topic for insight? The first 365 day devotional book from FCA will encourage you to pause, slow your speed of life and reconnect with God. You can cultivate your faith and challenge yourself to put it in action as you digest each devotion written by staff, top professional athletes and coaches, that include inspirational messages, Scripture, and reflection questions.   Order Victory 365


fofFCA’s annual Fields of Faith (FOF) event prods you to step out of your comfort zone. As a peer-to-peer evening, it inspires students to refuel their faith and get back to the basics of reading God’s Word through worship and personal testimonies. If you courageously showed up alone this year, invited a friend to go with you, or are intrigued to host FOF at your school next year, consider it a continual invitation to spread open your heart for all God wants to spark in and through you in months to come. See FOF impact for yourself!


Leaves crunch underfoot with familiar-sounding patter. Here it comes—change. As a large moon looms yellow low in the sky, you realize the way your steps seem to skip on their own accord is the same way your heart now beats with anticipation that God is shaping something beautiful from your life.