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We are a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Why We Do It

We desire to see every coach and athlete enter into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

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We seek to make disciples through our strategy of engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same.



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Northland & Southern Africa; Mid-Atlantic & East Asia

by Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Authors.Author | May 01, 2017

This story appears in FCA Magazine’s May/June 2017 issue. Subscribe today!


Northland- Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Field VP: Jeff Juni

Region Website: northlandfca.org

Ministry Moment: Recently, we hosted our first Area Director School for our current and prospective directors. At the school, our experienced directors conducted the training and used the time together to really encourage and equip these men and women. Having healthy staff serving in their area of gifting will ensure maximum ministry impact.

Prayer Requests:

1. For God to abundantly supply the needed staff, resources and favor to cause our Twin Cities Metro impact to explode.

2. Favor, protection and boldness for all of our coaches and student leaders engaged in spiritual warfare on the front lines.

3. Spiritual revival across our region, country and world.

Southern Africa in a field 0716161140a (002)

Southern Africa

Regional International Coordinator: Mark Hull

Ministry Moment: Last summer, eight coaches and FCA staff spent a week training volleyball, basketball and soccer coaches in Zambia. Our last day of training was spent with the Football (soccer) Association of Zambia (FAZ) at the Olympic Youth Development Center with their top-level national coaches. We did a coaches ministry workshop in the morning and skills and tactics training in the afternoon. They have asked us to come back and train all of their coaches! 

Prayer Requests:

1. Development of new partnerships in more of the countries in Southern Africa.

2. Determining how to identify, train, and certify leaders in coaches ministry.

3. Engagement of more staff, coaches and donors in the Northland to serve the nations.

Park Heights Saints web

Mid-Atlantic- New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Field VP: Jimmy Page

Region Website: midatlanticfca.org

Ministry Moment: The FCA Park Heights Saints Youth Football Program, composed of children from Park Heights in the inner city of West Baltimore, gives kids a chance to reach their greatest potential by developing discipline, character, and the drive to succeed. The coaching staff is made up of former drug dealers, current police officers, past Saints players and more. Their most recent on-field success was winning the 2016 National D2 PeeWee championship in Orlando, Florida.

Prayer Requests:

1. For our prospective staff raising support to come on FCA staff full-time. 

2. For the upcoming camp season as we plan for more than 5,000 coaches and athletes to join us for Leadership Camps, Sports Camps and Power Camps!

3. For our new Wrestling Camp that will be held in York, Pennsylvania, in June.


East Asia

Regional International Coordinator: Mark Stephens

Ministry Moment: Last winter, we hosted one of the largest FCA trainings outside of the United States at the East Asia Coaches Ministry Academy. We encouraged those in attendance to take what they learned back to their countries and host their own training sessions. We also recently hosted the first capacity conference for East Asia leaders. It was well attended and many left prepared to be more effective in their ministry. 

Prayer Requests:

1. For the expansion of coaches ministry in East Asia.

2. For the leaders in East Asia who struggle with loneliness, discouragement, and the willingness to keep fighting the fight.

3. Wisdom for our staff in the Mid-Atlantic Region to learn how best to serve our East Asia teammates.



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