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A Faithfulness That's Flourishing

Published on September 09, 2022

Rhonda Stephens

He’s a volunteer, a donor, a local board member, a race director and a connector. Daniel Goh first got involved with FCA through the annual Jim Rowland River Valley in Northwest Arkansas, after being invited to run the 5K. Today, he leads the very race that drew him in as the race director and oversees a volunteer committee.

Originally from Singapore, Goh came to the United States to study at the University of Arkansas, during which time he committed his life to Christ. After graduating, Goh stayed in the United States and began working.

About 10 years ago, he attended a Chamber of Commerce business group that featured Arkansas State Director T. Ray Grandstaff as the guest speaker. At that same meeting, he met local Board Chair Kyle Jarnagin, who invited him to one of the FCA races, which doubled as a fundraiser.

Little did he know, that initial meeting and invitation would become a spark to ignite his passion and the start of a journey God was about to lead him on.

“I just happened to have started running around that time to help manage my stress,” Goh said. “When I finished the Army, I thought I was finished with running for the rest of my life! But during one of the lowest points in my life, God used the people around me to help me through it. They encouraged me to pick up running.”

Because of Jarnagin’s invitation, Goh participated in the River Valley Run and learned even more about FCA. He discovered that FCA married his passion for running long distances with his heart for reaching others with the faith.

Running“I reflect on Hebrews 12:1 which says ‘…let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us,’” he said. “The aspect of running long distances and trusting the journey of training parallels the faith journey as we seek to finish the race. And that is what appeals to me.”

Goh continued running the race, and eight years ago, he began directing the River Valley Run. His passion and heart for running are evident; his leadership is growing the event and bringing new volunteers, supporters and participants to FCA.

“Because of Daniel’s leadership, we have volunteers wanting to be part of our run groups and committees,” said Tyson Simon, FCA River Valley Multi-Area Director. “As the director, he stabilizes the race, which in turn allows the leadership to do their element with the run groups. That allows us to bring in the resources to meet the needs of the ministry here locally and internationally.”

Using his community connections to further the ministry of FCA is something Goh looks to do. He says for him, it is about being willing to submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and looking for open doors to share about the ministry.

As a member of Eastside Baptist Church, he was aware that Pastor Rick Gering had a vision of using their new youth facility to partner with the community. Goh felt the Holy Spirit prompt him to introduce Simon and Pastor Gering. Because of his willingness to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, the FCA staff offices now have a new home within the facility and a financial partnership. The church and FCA hope to host youth events that attract the community, such as American ninja and other sports.

Daniel and Wife“I am thankful for Daniel and the close friendship we have found,” said Simon. “He has seen me at my best and worst, and he does not hesitate to hold me accountable. Proverbs 17:17 says, ‘A friend loves at all times but a brother is born for adversity.’ He is truly a brother in adverse situations and certainly has been that for me. Faithful is the word I would use to describe Daniel. His faithfulness to God and willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit has allowed us to be introduced to other people in the community, thus allowing our ministry to continue to grow and flourish.”

Goh is happy about the open doors and the connections being made in his community for FCA, and he hopes to continue having an impact.

“I volunteer with FCA because I believe in the mission,” he said. “The evangelism and the mentorship of coaches and students in the high schools here, and the number of people that FCA has been reaching yearly, is incredible. My wife and I have found joy in the journey as we continue to volunteer and support the ministry financially.”

It’s because of ministry partners like Daniel Goh and his faithfulness that propels FCA’s mission to flourish. 




Photos courtesy of Daniel Goh