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You Are Free

Published on May 01, 2022

Sarah Freymuth

Think about how terrible it is playing with the enormous pressure of trying to be perfect. You don’t want to mess up or let your coach down, and if you’ve got someone on the bench vying for your spot, you’re terrified to make a mistake or play poorly and quickly be replaced.

It’s exhausting to keep striving in effort and rely on your performance. Every game, we tighten up a bit more, and soon enough, the game isn’t even fun anymore because we’re too preoccupied with a perfection we can never attain.

These same feelings carry over into our lives, analyzing every report card, every conversation and wondering if we’re measuring up to the standards we put on ourselves, or others have pressed on us.

Hear this truth You are free.We aren’t made to live like this.

Jesus knew this, which is why He came to earth to walk through the same things we encounter, taking our place on the cross to satisfy the judgement of God and save us from our sins. When He rose from the tomb, He took away our need to get it right and gave us freedom forever!

We can take a deep breath and rest in the unchanging knowledge that God loves us and has freed us from any sin, stumble and our seeking approval. We are delivered through the death and resurrection of Jesus, and this gives us complete freedom knowing that not only is our eternity sealed, but we can live in hope and comfort that nothing we do can make God love us any less.

“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”  (John 8:36)

Hear this truth: you are free.


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