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2015 Impact Internship Q&A

Published on February 03, 2015


IMG_5607web (1)2Impact 2015 Internship Q&A with FCA Impact South Africa Coordinator Quinn Evans. 




FCA: What is your involvement in Impact Internship? How did God call you to this?

QE: I have had the opportunity to be involved in the development of Impact South Africa since its beginning in 2011. Through serving in South Africa through FCA in 2010, the Lord connected me with a great network of global sports ministers. That led to being able to participate in a Sport Ministry Training, which changed my life! In 2011, in partnership with Casper and Ashley Steenkamp, we began to dream about a Sports Ministry training for college students. We learned a lot from David Geuhring, who was directing Impact in Europe. It has been a great joy and blessing to see how the Lord continues to grow and use both Impact processes.


FCA: What can a person expect participating in an Impact Internship in Europe/Africa?

QE: Our prayer is that interns would further discover God's heart for the world and for their lives during the summer. In doing so, expect nine weeks of living in an international context as well as in close community with fellow interns. Interns should expect to be out of their comfort zone and encounter God, perhaps, in a new way. Interns will be exposed to and serve in local sports ministry in South Africa and gain a global perspective of international sports ministry. All the while, they will be developing character and leadership skills in this cross-cultural learning environment which combines classroom teaching with hands-on training. There is a large emphasis on discipleship throughout the internship.


FCA: What’s a typical day look like during the internship?

QE: Although every day tends to look different, a general outline would be as follows: morning quiet time, training, team building, fitness, lunch, outreaches, dinner, worship and discipleship. Hint: It may help you to forget this schedule. :) Flexibility is key!


FCA: Can you share one significant moment you’ve seen during an Impact Internship?

QE: The most significant moments to me are seeing what God does in and through the lives of the interns after Impact. I love seeing students and athletes return to their campuses, teams and communities, and in some cases, to their careers and ministries all over the world. It excites me to watch as God encounters their lives during Impact and the many different ways He directs them afterwards.


FCA: If you could tell a potential college athlete who is interested in applying to Impact one thing, what would it be?

QE: If you love God, have a passion for sports and want to join what He is already doing around the world, then this internship is for you!


To learn more or apply for an internship, visit the Impact website.