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FCA Philippines Needs Your Help

Published on November 22, 2013

Mickey Seward

FCA Philippines is doing its best to minister to and help restore the livelihoods of the people there who were effected by Typhoon Haiyan. The destruction was massive. FCA Philippines needs help.This note was passed along to us from Pastor Gary Visitacion, the national director of FCA Philippines.


This photo of Coach Armand Colina (left) and Pastor Gary Visitacion shows the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan to Colina's home.

"Last week Typhoon Haiyan (Philippine name: Yolanda) made a landfall five times in the Visayas area. This was recorded as the worst typhoon in the world that hit a country, and I'm sad to say it hit the Philippines. Thousands of people have lost their homes/properties and lives. We still don't have the exact numbers, but it is said to believe one city alone, Tacloban, had more than 10,000 people perish. Lots of communities are still isolated and could not be reach by transportation (land, sea & air), and even communication is still down. Still no food, water, electricity, etc., are available in the area.

I have heard many stories over the past few days about the destruction in the Philippines. One hits very close to us at FCA. Coach Armand Colina is one of our coaches who was affected by the disaster. Coach Arman lost his home, but the good thing is they were protected when the calamity happened. I went to visit the family and ministered to them. It was sad seeing them losing their home, but they were protected during the disaster. They were able to hide under their bed together with their two children when it all happened.

I am led to start a project called 'FCA Project: Help Philippines’. Whatever funds donated to this project will be given to local churches who are our FCA ministry partners in the area to help restore the livelihood of the locals. I will be in the Visayas area. We will be able to greatly help meet real needs. Thanks!” - Pastor Gary 

Please follow these instructions to donate to “Project: HELP PHILIPPINES!

1. Go to this link: https://my.fca.org/2721-visitacion-gary-and-grace.aspx

2. Under ‘Amount’ indicate the amount you would like to donate.

3. Click on ‘Donate.’

4. You will see a space for notes. At this spot, please enter “Project: HELP PHILIPPINES!”

5. Click on ‘Continue’ completing the credit card form.

6. On the final screen you will receive a summary of payment information and the opportunity to print a receipt.