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Answered Prayer

Published on January 26, 2024

Sarah Freymuth

David Fernandez stepped into the role of Costa Rica Director with a big vision to bring the Kingdom of God to the world of sports. Familiar with having a foot in both worlds, God set him up to understand how to blend them together.

As a young adult, life veered off course for Fernandez as he dabbled in unhealthy habits, eventually getting fired from his job and separating from his wife. His dad was a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and suggested he begin teaching lessons in an effort to get his life back on track.

Around the same time Fernandez began instructing kids, he began attending church. Both paths began to merge, the Lord tugging on his heart the entire time. Fernandez surrendered his life to Jesus, and soon after, God planted a vision in him. He began leading many people while learning to serve. He and his wife reunited, and Fernandez found a job as a youth ministry pastor at church.

Tae Kwon DoBut while understanding increasingly more of God’s character, Fernandez still wrestled with insecurity and believed that he was not enough. As he leaned into God’s Word and began to see God’s hand more and more in his life, Fernandez realized a valuable truth:

“He is enough. All I need is to be with Him, and He will do the things I can’t.”

Fernandez pastored and taught Tae Kwon Do for twelve years, already combining a passion of faith and sport. But his desire to teach soon overshadowed preaching.

“Both are important, but I felt more like a pastor when I was wearing my Tae Kwon Do uniform,” he laughed.

Along with Tae Kwon Do, David ministered through basketball and surf clinics.

As his passion grew, so did his need for help.

“I got on my knees and said, ‘God there should be a better way to do this,’ because it was hard for me to blend Bible and sports, and I thought someone could train me,” Fernandez said.

Enter Divisional VP West Global Jim Roquemore. While on a trip with Latin America North Regional VP Julio Gomez to pray and discern the country director role, they visited Fernandez’s church and connected to his pastor, who in turn connected them with Fernandez.

Shortly after their meeting, FCA became a “Kingdom partner” with Fernandez and began equipping and supporting him in the avenues he’d been praying for.

David F“I feel loved and led to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church, and what I love about FCA is that we are doing it with the church. It’s together, not separate.”

After continued talks, prayer and pouring into the community, Fernandez officially came on board as the country’s director.

As the Director of Costa Rica, his desire is to go into the places where people are surprised to find Jesus.

“I went without a relationship with God until I was 23 years old,” Fernandez explained. “I really want people to find Jesus in places where nobody expects. They never think we are going to lead them to a deep and growing relationship with God.”

Fernandez and Gomez are preparing for what they believe will be a big momentum shift throughout Costa Rica for God through the influence of sports.

“Julio and I have an expression: ‘The volcano explodes.’ It’s about God’s will for sport ministry, and we’ve been doing the groundwork, getting things ready,” Fernandez explained. “The season is now, the game’s going to start.

“We are believing Ephesians 3:20-21, for immeasurably more, by the power of Jesus Christ, and He’s going to do that in and through FCA. FCA is an answered prayer.”

Please pray for wisdom for David Fernandez as he leads the FCA Costa Rica team. Pray that God continues to open doors to serve in the community, and that He provides more volunteers and staff for the good work that’s being done.

To learn more about ministry in Costa Rica, visit here.

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