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Unified as a Team

Published on October 16, 2023

Scott Staal

When it’s all said and done, what do you want to have been said and done? 

It’s a question worth pausing to ponder. When you play or coach in your last competition, what do you want your legacy – your enduring impact – to be? For many, the deceptive allure of the scoreboard and stat sheets promise to etch your name into the record book’s glory; that is, however, until no one remembers anymore. While excelling in your sport is good and memorable, the way in which you do so is what truly lasts. When your team buys into this idea, that’s when great things start to happen.

Great teams rally around a greater vision.

The teams that defy the odds, overcome incredible obstacles and achieve unprecedented performances are typically those that believe in something greater. While the end goal is a focal point, they are adamant about the dailies–those routines that shape, sharpen and sustain the greater vision. The team’s identity is solidly defined, and individual players know who they are, too. It’s from this point–clearly defined and unwavering identity–that the team knows where they want to go and how they want to do it.

The same is true for you.

As a disciple of Jesus, you are on a greater team comprised of fellow disciples, known as the body of Christ. Your identity in Jesus is solid, for it establishes the foundation of who you are in Him. Your old life is gone, and your new life is here. Your position on this team is never in jeopardy, as your identity as a dearly beloved son or daughter of God can never be revoked or removed. The journey with Jesus is one of increasing depth and change as we pursue a greater vision of making Him known in the world. When a team of disciples are committed and compelled to live this out, three important things occur through the way in which they live. 

Read the rest of the article to learn how to unify as a team.