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Making it a Daily Habit

Published on May 31, 2023

Scott Barkley

Being a part of FCA has taught Nate Vaughan that there is no end to following Jesus or an “off-season.” There’s only what’s next.

Vaughan recently finished two years at Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tenn., where he was a member of the golf team. With his associate’s degree in hand, he is enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University and majoring in business.

A Daily Impact Play devotional written by FCA Communications Manager Sarah Freymuth caught Vaughan’s attention as he prepared to transition between schools. He realized that whatever is to come, will come, while it’s also important to stay focused on the present.

“In the world of sports, it is especially difficult to not get distracted by what everyone else
EHvZ8nhE is doing around you and lose focus,” he wrote Freymuth in an email. “But I have found that focusing on being the best I can be in golf and my spiritual walk has helped me to perform and most importantly live for God more.”

The devotionals help him get his day started in a positive way and consistently address different areas of living for Jesus, he added.

“They apply to your life, whether you’re an athlete or not,” he said. “I really like them. Whether you’re an athlete, coach or whatever, they really help you attack the day and go into it with the right mindset.”

Vaughan’s father, Tommy, is Area Director for FCA in Sevier County, Tennessee, where Nate grew up. Marty Blakely serves nearby as Area Director for the Lakeway Area in East Tennessee and has seen Nate grow in his faith as well as on the golf course.

Sign up to receive FCA Daily Impact Play devotions here!“I’ve seen that whatever he’s going to do, he’ll do it wholeheartedly,” said Blakely. “He has a great servant’s heart.”

Vaughan, a Cross Fit athlete, said the Christian life can also apply to the strenuous workouts in which he takes part.

“It takes a lot of endurance,” he recognized. “I’m not the type to go into a gym and throw up 300 pounds on the bench. I do better at running and interval training.”

Vaughan also observed and felt the impact FCA made on young athletes around his hometown of Pidgeon Forge.

“We saw it impact Sevier County and the area. FCA can do that across the country and internationally.”

Vaughan plans on staying involved in FCA, and stay engaged with the Daily Impact Play devotions.

nJ1-zJEW“It’s helped me get into the habit of reading Scripture and making it a habit this year,” he said. “The FCA devotionals have led me to get into the Word. I’ve found that once I get into it, I can stay with it. The challenge is to get started. That’s one of those things that’s really helped me to navigate this journey.”

Vaughan’s last run with Walters State–and for now, at least, his golf career–came with Walters State appearing at this year’s junior college national tournament. Vaughn himself finished in the top 25, earning him honorable mention All-American.

Wherever he ends up, Vaughan’s desire to grow his faith and be involved in the lives of others will give him plenty of opportunities to live those out.

“He loves the Lord. He loves to serve. He wants to be a part of things,” said Blakely. “He loves to do whatever’s needed. He’s just a great kid with a great heart.”

Even if he may not be spending as much time on the fairways, Vaughan said his exposure to FCA will continue to ground him in his faith.

“FCA’s work continues to shine,” he told Freymuth. “I know that even though I may not be continuing to be a collegiate athlete, my identify is found in Christ and I can still use FCA’s message in my daily life.”

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Photos courtesy of Nate Vaughan and Walters State Community College Athletics