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Greater Promise

Published on April 20, 2023


You’re seeing glimpses of what you can be as an athlete and it’s exciting to experience competitive growth. But is it just about improving, achieving and winning? If so, that feeling of excitement might not last for long. 

The world promises fame, success and status, but it’s a mirage that leaves us empty and hollow when the lights of the world’s success have faded and we are left in a hard season of struggle. Sure, it’s exciting when the spotlight’s on us and the roar of the crowd is amping up before the big game. But what about long after the stadium is empty, and the lights are turned off? Those fans who chanted our name won’t remember us once our season has passed, and those same voices lifting you up when success was yours will cease to speak when you need words to lift you up.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your sport but doing so can leave you empty. More than anything you can find through athletic success, God wants to give you the greater promise that comes from Jesus. 

In The Light

As Jesus began His ministry, many religious leaders were anxious about his arrival. Most of them didn’t like the idea that someone else was greater than them. Except for a few. 

Nicodemus’ identity was wrapped up in his job and in his status. Nicodemus felt the pressure to perform, but what he really need was the Truth. Until that point, Nicodemus knew all about God but didn’t truly know Him. Fixating on the rules of his religion prevented him from having a relationship. But Jesus showed Nicodemus the light of Truth and revealed a greater promise of eternal life. 

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