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Greater Purpose

Published on March 28, 2023


When things are going smoothly and it all seems effortless, it’s easy to coast to the finish line. When things aren’t going as planned, however, it might be hard to stay motivated to push through it all. But when you compete for God in a rooted identity, you can be confident that you are playing and living for a far greater purpose.

What Matters Most?

Purpose is a big word that can have a lot of meanings depending on the situation. Usually, how you apply that word to different areas of your life is determined by what matters most to you. Are you competing for self or team? For the applause or impact? If you have to wonder about your motivation, always know that you have been called to compete and to live for someone and something greater than yourself.

Why Do I Compete?

It’s a question that all athletes ask themselves at some point in their life: Why do I compete?

Usually, that question comes up when dealing with adversity like injuries, fatigue, individual or team struggles, relationship or family issues or life’s many distractions.

And when you’re not sure, tangible results like personal achievement, team goals, physical benefits and long-term dreams (such as scholarships or career opportunities) tend to be the default motivation.

Read the full article to learn more about what it means to be confident that you're playing and living for a greater purpose.