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Daniel Goh: Volunteer Race Director & Board Member

Published on March 08, 2023

This article appears in the Fall 2022 issue of the FCA Donor Publication. The FCA publication is a gift from our FCA staff to all donors giving $50 or more annually. For more information about giving, visit here.

He’s a volunteer, a donor, a local board member, a race director and a connector.

Daniel Goh first got involved with FCA through the annual Jim Rowland River Valley Run in Northwest Arkansas, after being invited to run the 5K. It was part of an event that raised funds for the local area’s FCA and connected FCA to the racing community. At the event, he began to learn about FCA’s vision and mission, and he soon became an engaged volunteer. Today, he leads the very race that drew him in as the race director and oversees a volunteer committee. Not only that, but he’s helping open doors. When his church finished a new facility with available space for organizations ministering to the community, he saw the opportunity for a partnership between his church and FCA. Whether he’s giving, serving, race directing or making connections, Goh is helping FCA reach coaches and athletes in the Arkansas River Valley area.

ats0JOCkWhat about FCA made you want to get more and more involved?
The effectiveness of FCA in reaching out to so many and connecting them to the Lord each year has encouraged me to support the growth of this awesome ministry.

What impact is FCA having on your community?
The FCA presence in the River Valley has been growing in the schools and community, even through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. The Jim Rowland FCA River Valley Run started out with an annual year-end running race to raise funds for FCA’s ministry. It has grown thanks to an active community of runners: over 500 runners follow the race’s Facebook training page and over 1,400 followers follow the race’s main Facebook page. The race offers a 5K, 10K and half marathon option. Runners are going on multiple weekly runs together, and they’re encouraging one another and serving other nonprofit groups in the community.

Tell us about connecting your pastor and the local FCA. How did you approach establishing a church partnership?
I am truly grateful to be a member of Eastside Baptist Church as well as a volunteer and board member of the FCA River Valley team. One of my best friends, Jerry Wood, is also a member of both the church and FCA board. He has been a great teammate in continually promoting the mission of FCA within our church and amongst our pastors. The Lord has blessed the church partnership, and it continues to grow deeper and wider year over year with time, talents and finances.

In what ways is your family now involved in FCA?Daniel & Tracy
My wife and children have always been supportive of the FCA events; they’ve participated and volunteered at the runs. My wife's business, Goh Glitzy with Tracey, is an annual sponsor of the run.

What is God teaching you in this season of your life?
The Lord has guided and blessed me through some challenging times over the years. He has rejuvenated me to be fully energized to carry out His Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

What impact has getting involved in FCA made on your walk with Christ?
Twelve years ago, the Lord blessed me by introducing me to long-distance running. Since then, I have completed many half marathons, several full marathons, and some ultra marathons. More importantly though, God connected me to FCA through a friend, Kyle Jarnagin, who was Chairman of the FCA River Valley board. By getting involved, I have joined a team that is helping other runners achieve what they didn't believe they could through training. Some have now completed their first half marathons. Meanwhile, we are raising funds to support the ministry so we can reach so many more for the Lord.

What would you say to someone who is considering getting involved with FCA but hasn’t made the leap yet?
Come join us; taste it, feel it, and you'll love it. Crawl, walk or run, it is the experience of your lifetime.

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Photos courtesy of Daniel Goh