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Coach Q&A: Colby Morris, FCA Sports

Published on December 23, 2022


This article appears in the Fall 2022 issue of the FCA Donor Publication. The FCA publication is a gift from our FCA staff to all donors giving $50 or more annually. For more information about giving, visit here.


Image (9)Coach Colby Morris is seeing amazing things as God uses FCA to reach coaches and athletes. Growing up he played sports, and today he’s using his athletic experiences to coach youth teams. He has served as a basketball, soccer and baseball coach in Spartanburg, South Carolina’s FCA Sports league, training up young athletes to be disciples who make disciples. Recently, the FCA Sports Basketball League that he coaches in reported that during one season alone, they reached 258 players (K5-8th grade) and 64 coaches, and that during the season, 18 players gave their hearts to Jesus Christ through the team Huddle using The FOUR. Then, during the award celebration, another 48 players made decisions for Christ. God is moving through FCA Sports to reach every coach and athlete, and he’s using coaches like Morris to lead the way.

How is FCA Sports discipling coaches so they can share the Gospel with their players?

Our local FCA staff has done an incredible job working through the local church that partners with them for the FCA Sports league. They send coaches weekly devotionals and encouragement.


What’s the difference between FCA Sports and other off-campus sports leagues?

My background is in junior golf instruction, and I have also coached in other youth leagues.  Being an FCA Sports coach is so great because all the resources I need and more are all put together for me. Every coach in our league is well equipped to make sure that intentional conversations are taking place. FCA Sports leagues are different because of the desire to impact lives beyond the sport.


Colby Team Pic (2)What kind of values do you want to instill in your players?

It is important to help kids learn how to win and lose with the right attitudes, but the bigger win is helping players learn how to treat others and be a part of something bigger than themselves.  When kids learn how to be patient, show love, and sacrifice for others, it is awesome to see.


What are some rhythms you do every day that deepen your walk with Christ?

Spending time in God's Word is so important as a follower of Christ. I wish I could say I do it every day but I don't. I try to take time to spend time with the Lord through His Word and prayer.  I am a part of an incredible small group with my local church and we encourage each other weekly.


FCA Sports is growing! What is something you want donors to know about this sport environment and new ministry opportunity?

The body of Christ needs to realize non-believers are not going to come to us; we as the church have to go where people are in order to be able to reach them. Believers can be equipped to share the Gospel in many ways, but sports is one of the best because it brings people from all backgrounds together.  


How have you seen God working in and through you as a coach in the league?

As a Christ follower, it is always important to put ourselves in situations where God stretches us. Coaching at any age of athlete always brings interaction with people other than the players themselves, and loving others as Christ loves us gets to be lived out. I do not always do it perfectly, but coaching is an area where we have to remind ourselves that others are watching what we do and what we say.



Photos courtesy of Colby Morris