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FCA Launches Operation Ukraine

Published on November 08, 2022


As the war in Ukraine continues, hundreds of coaches and athletes are left without the proper resources for them to stay engaged in their sport, job and ministry. As our FCA family in Eurasia faces continual challenge and shortages, we are partnering with Convoy of Hope to send a full shipping container (40 pallets) of sports equipment and supplies to Ukraine. The projected ship date is December 1, 2022, and equipment is currently being gathered through a nation-wide drive with Operation FCA Ukraine.

“We’re facing a new challenge,” said Andriy Kravtsov, Executive VP of FCA North Global. “But we are so excited for this fall because as FCA family, we are asking you to help us get as much equipment as possible.”

ukraineteamcropped2Convoy of Hope has sent over 100 containers of supplies for Ukraine to Romania and Poland since the beginning of the war. This provides FCA a strategic partnership needed to mobilize our sports equipment to our team in Ukraine. 

“Coaches have needs too,” said Sasha Aleksandrov, FCA Ukraine Director. “Because of the war, sports equipment has been destroyed or abandoned. We’ve made a list of needs people can choose to supply and help rebuild sports ministry through the country.”

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Watch the powerful story of Team Ukraine's journey

Staff across the nation are coming together to help their Eurasia brothers and sisters, planning sports equipment drives in their local areas that will be shipped to a warehouse in Kansas City.

“This is a way to Pray Give Go, a tangible way to connect globally and help out,” said Jeff Sutherland, Operation FCA – Ukraine Project Manager.

Operation FCA – Ukraine provides FCA staff and volunteers a way to practically help and support coaches and athletes in need of assistance by providing for their sports equipment needs so they can do their job despite rocky circumstances.

View inventory list of needed equipment:


Football Power Camp Radyvylov 1 July 2022The mission of Operation FCA is to engage coaches and athletes with sports equipment for the nations. They provide the opportunity to donate sports equipment to our international coaches and athletes. In many parts of the world, there is limited to no access to various types of equipment.

“Operation FCA connects every facet of our ministry, something everyone can get behind,” Sutherland said.

Aleksandrov and his team in the United States are ardent in their support for their brothers and sisters back home but acknowledge God’s hand in their placement Stateside for the moment.

“We see how God is using us here to communicate to businesses, churches and groups to find support. The news [of the war] here has slowed, and we are the voice of our country and the refugees—they are our hands, we are the mouth.”

He added, “This is our niche from God to be here. Praise God. We are one body, with different parts and ways to move, but it’s all good.”


Cost of purchasing and shipping the container is $20,000. If you feel led to help contribute to this cost, or to contribute to purchase equipment, give here.

To get involved and support our FCA teammates in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, visit Operation FCA to connect with your local area representative and find the nearest sports equipment drive location near you.

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Watch a video
from FCA Vice President of North Global Andriy Kravtsov.