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In My Voice 2022 - Week One

Published on July 25, 2022


This is a part of a summer series showcasing FCA Camp testimonies straight from coaches, athletes, Huddle leaders and other camp attendees. Time at camp is impactful and transformative; don't just take our word for it--hear what they say!



Camp: Black Hills Sports Camp (Spearfish, S.D.)

Camper - 8th Grade, Soccer, Sheridan, WY

1st Camp


What do you think about camp?

I really like it; I think it’s a really good experience. The team aspect is great and everybody is so encouraging to one another. It’s a good way to learn about God and practice your sport at the same time.

I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I’m definitely going to come back.

What have you been learning about God?

He is for everything and everyone. Our theme is Every, and so He loves everyone and everything good comes from Him. I've learned more about His love and how much He cares for us unconditionally, how His love never stops.

Any moments that stood out to you?

One of the Huddle leaders giving her testimony said you can’t forgive anyone before you realize you have to be the one who is forgiven. You have to realize your flaws first. Also, it’s not about what you’ve done but who you are in God—that should be our identity.

How can you remember this going back home?

Put God over everything else and know that even in our sport we can do it for God instead of playing for ourselves. Everything we do is for Him.



Jake (2)Jake

Camp: Black Hills Sports Camp (Spearfish, S.D.)

Camper - Freshman, Football, Harrisburg, S.D.

1st Black Hills Camp


What do you think about camp?

I think it’s been really fun. The trainings have been really good; you learn football and you learn a lot about God.

What’s something that’s been impactful from camp?

Growing with God along with your friends, and experiencing the program time.

How have you seen God working in your life?

Quite a bit of kids have asked me about my faith at school and I’ve been able to share with two kids because they asked why I didn’t swear.

What is something you’d say to someone considering camp?

Even if you’re just beginning your faith, it’s really fun to be with your friends and do the sport you love to do while learning about God.