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Clint Herring, President/CEO Keroioth Corporation & FCA Board Chair

Published on June 07, 2022


This article appears in the Spring 2022 edition of the FCA Donor Publication. The FCA publication is a gift from our FCA staff to all donors giving $50 or more annually. For more information about giving, visit here.

Longtime FCA friend and board member Clint Herring recently stepped into the role of Board Chair for the FCA Board of Trustees. Currently the President and CEO of the Kerioth Corporation, Herring will use his leadership gifts to help FCA accomplish its mission and vision.

In high school, Herring became active in sport-related ministry when he was introduced to the Institute of Athletic Perfection with Wes Neal, and to FCA by his football coach, Tommy Goodwin. Herring later attended Mississippi State where his coach, Bill Buckner, strengthened his connection to FCA. Herring began supporting the ministry at age 21.

After Buckner became FCA’s State of Mississippi State Director, he asked Herring to join his state board. Herring served nine years; seven as State of Mississippi Board Chair, before accepting an invitation to serve on the FCA Board of Trustees three years ago, four years into his role as Mississippi State Board Chair. Seeing God’s providential preparation for his role at FCA, Herring looks forward to leading as Board Chair over the next two years and desires to be a blessing to the Kingdom and to FCA. He lives with his wife, Terri, in Ridgeland, Mississippi.


How does it feel to become FCA’s Board Chair?

After I joined the State of Mississippi Board for FCA, Bill Buckner asked me how I got involved with sports ministry, and I told him about Wes Neal and the Institute of Athletic Perfection from high school. Bill turned to me and told me Wes was his best friend! It’s amazing to see how God prepared me for my future role with FCA.

What’s been so rewarding is that it’s full circle. I love athletics, and I love the ministry. When you put the Kingdom of God into the mix, it opens doors to create connections and bond over shared experiences. Providing shared experiences where you can taste, touch and see, in conjunction with faith, is powerful because it’s something no one can take away. Coaches’ and athletes’ lives get transformed by the power of Christ.

It’s been super, super special to serve and do everything I can for the Kingdom of God through FCA. FCA is taking territory for the Kingdom, and I am proud to be part of it.

Clint & Terri.1How do FCA’s donors play a role in reaching everyone through Christ?

Service to God is all about giving our time, talent and treasure. Giving is like sacrificing part of ourselves. Giving is a natural, and a supernatural, expression of who God made us.

What’s something you want every FCA supporter to know?

I want every FCA supporter to experience the ministry first-hand and to see the “gleam and twinkle” in the eyes of young people experiencing the life-giving force of Christ and the goodness of God.

What is the impact of the dollars donated to FCA?

The next generation of leaders in the world are transformed for Christ.

How have you seen God at work in your life this past year?

There are many milestones that happen in my life yearly, but I have to say the small, seemingly inconsequential things mean the most. Smiles from a co-worker, FCA staff member, friends, my wife, children and my grandchildren show me God is at work. Hearing the voice of God on a daily basis and observing how Christ transforms people daily encourages me. Living for the Lord is all about relationships, and that is what is most special to me.





Photos courtesy of Clint Herring