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Intentional and Deliberate

Published on May 23, 2022

Adelie Cox

Volunteers are a key aspect of who FCA is as a ministry. For more than 68 years, volunteers have been making an incredible kingdom-impact through their time spent serving and engaging coaches and athletes all over the world.

If you have volunteered with FCA, thank you for your time and investment. You are truly valuable and an indispensable part of the ministry!

There is now an even greater emphasis on what it means to be disciples that make disciples through FCA’s discipleship process called E3: Engage. Equip. Empower. The goal is for every person who has a hand in FCA to be fully equipped and on mission, “To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.”

Recently, FCA rolled out the E3 Discipleship Training, which is thoughtfully designed to train volunteers how to Engage, Equip and Empower others to make disciples. With the training available, FCA staff now have the opportunity to lead volunteers through the E3 process.

Since the rollout, FCA field staff have hit the ground running and have already begun hosting E3 Discipleship Trainings for volunteers in their regions.

Greater Kansas City Area Representatives Andrew McClanahan and Brett Campbell held their first E3 Discipleship Training this past August. From long-time Huddle Leaders to individuals starting FCA on their campus, the group was made up of over 40 coaches, athletes and volunteers.

Campers Praying“The E3 Discipleship Training was centered on equipping coaches, athletes and volunteers in the Kansas City Metro with E3,” Campbell shared. “We trained them on 12 biblical principles of E3, equipped them with Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and the E3 map, and helped provide a clear plan to lead a disciple-making movement in their spheres of influence.”

The structure of the training gave participants a hands-on learning experience where they could practice utilizing the tools they were given and would soon be implementing. A few examples include: practicing what it means to engage the heart by asking thoughtful questions and sharing stories of impact, identifying their spheres of influence and creating a plan to meet with another coach or athlete to walk through the discipleship process.

Those attending also learned about FCA’s resource, THE FOUR, which is a framework for sharing the Gospel with four simple truths.

“There was an obvious emphasis on the training being a catalyst for a disciple-making way of life,” McClanahan said. “Participants were equipped to be empowered and launched well beyond a singular experience.”

So, what does a “win” look like coming out of a training like this? The hope is for a coach, athlete, or volunteer to catch the vision of E3 and understand that there’s nothing more valuable than living on mission right where you are as a disciple for Jesus Christ.

McClanahan and Campbell wrapped up the training feeling encouraged by the ways God was already moving in the hearts of those who attended.

Kallie Muck, Head Lacrosse Coach at University of Saint Mary (Leavenworth, Kan.) participated in the training along with one of her assistant coaches and two of her team captains. With a heart for the mission of FCA, Muck left the training feeling encouraged, motivated and eager to begin implementing aspects of E3 with her student-athletes.

Kallie Coaching 6“Every day I try to find small ways to engage, equip or empower my student-athletes,” Coach Muck said. “I have implemented a handful of tactics discussed at the training to do this such as asking more intentional questions!”

Coach Muck wasn’t the only one being challenged among her group. Through discussion, her two team captains were spurred on to think more deeply about their relationships with Christ and the type of influence they have on their team.

“It also created opportunities afterward for very intentional and deliberate conversations about how our faith impacts our behavior and actions within sport,” Muck added.

She went on to share that since the training, she and her assistant coach are now attending church together weekly. They are also planning to start a Bible study in the spring with their lacrosse team.

What it means to engage, equip and empower others is more than just a process or a training to go through. It’s an intentional and strategic way to reach more hearts with the Gospel.


To learn more about E3 and how it’s shaping the ministry, click here. You can also check out more of what’s happening through leaders like Campbell and McClanahan in the Midwest region at https://www.fcakansascity.org.