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Bold + Beautiful II

Published on March 07, 2022


As the country recognizes Women’s History Month and the amazing accomplishments women have achieved, FCA is supporting female coaches and athletes through its woman-focused Bible study “Bold and Beautiful II,” which launched today, March 7, 2022. The 10-session study aimed at female athletes is a continuation of FCA's previous Bible study, “Bold and Beautiful.”

FCA Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications Amy Richards commented, “Our new devotional ‘Bold and Beautiful II’ is a great way to encourage and inspire female athletes not only to grow closer as a community of strong, powerful women, but also grow closer to God as they walk through the carefully considered sessions of the Bible study.”

The study is designed to provide biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes, such as boldness, wisdom, beauty, worth and strength. The goal of “Bold and Beautiful II” is to help these athletes understand true beauty and how a strong, competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.

8_worthy“Bold and Beautiful II” is intended for athletes to participate in a team or group setting to further bond the women as competitors. By stepping into the challenges together as a team and focusing on how God will speak to them together, FCA hopes to encourage unity among female athletes as they bond with each other in Christ. “Bold and Beautiful II” can enhance the sport experience and the ways in which women have come together through FCA.

Another way FCA is reaching female athletes is through [The] Huddle: For Women, a virtual experience to engage, equip and empower every female coach and athlete in sport. Mindy Hopman, South Coastal FCA Area Representative, Triangle Metro Director Elizabeth Ledford and Fayette Area Director Sarah Roberts all felt the Lord calling them to create a space for women in sports to meet and grow together. On January 9, 2021 and January 22, 2022, women gathered in “Hometown Huddles,” groups of four-to-eight women and girls in homes and churches across the country. From these groups, girls and women watched worship, teaching and testimony videos and discussed what they gleaned from the videos.

“A lot of times women in sports can feel overlooked by the world and are trying to find their spot. This was a place to tell them, ‘You’re not alone,’” said Roberts. “We’re showing them that they are valued and seen.”

FCA’s theme for 2022 is Every, based on Ephesians 1:3: “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ.” FCA reminds Christian coaches and athletes that they already have everything they need in Christ and encourages them to seek Him both on and off the field.


For more information on “Bold and Beautiful II,” click here. To learn more about [The] Huddle: For Women, visit www.thehuddleforwomen.org