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From Struggle to Service

Published on October 22, 2021

Sarah Freymuth

FCA leader Kui Kui came to Malaysia in 2011 to find work to help his family. He began as a chef, until he met God in a desperate way and surrendered to a life of service for Him.

Though he went to church, faith for Kui Kui wasn’t personal. But when his brother and sister were hurt in an accident and his sister lost her memory, Kui Kui poured out his heart to God. “’You’re the only One who can help,’ I prayed,” he said, making an earnest bargain with God. “’If You heal them, I will serve You the rest of my life.’”

Soccer MatchThree months later, his sister’s memory was restored. Three months after that, his brother got better. Kui Kui wanted to honor his end of the request but didn’t know where to serve. His answer came in 2017, when Southeast Asia Regional Vice President William Chang and Malaysia National Director Willie Chai brought sports training to Kui Kui’s church. He jumped in as a soccer coach and began to learn about FCA.

Kui Kui utilized his coaching training through a weekly soccer training in Kuala Lumpur with refugees from his home country. At first, he started as a translator for Willie, then began taking care of the equipment and kept things organized.

SE Asia“I thought, we can empower him to lead and equip,” said Willie. “He had a hunger to learn, a right attitude for ministry and could get things done.”

Kui Kui’s survival instinct and natural ability to learn enables him to easily pick up aspects of coaching and to infuse the love of Christ through serving athletes. His quick smile and easygoing personality connected with the youth in attendance, his loyalty to reach every athlete evident.

“If You heal them, I will serve You the rest of my life.”

-Kui Kui
“He was observant with every kid he coached,” said Willie. “He will make sure the team is together and then go off and find the other kid who walked away [from the group].”

Kui Kui’s hunger for knowledge led him through multiple coaching schools, and he is now a Licensed D Coach with the Football Association of Malaysia.

From God’s answered prayer to heal his siblings, Kui Kui’s watched God’s faithfulness continue to guide him to a life of service and hard work. As a former refugee himself, he worked many different jobs before landing in sports ministry. But after coming to Malaysia for a better life and to help his family, God is asking him to come back to his home country.

Screenshot (45)He wrestled with it a bit, going beyond his comfort zone and back to the rugged terrain and struggles of his country. But God’s placed it on his heart to serve the people there and so he will return, giving back to God what was given to him, to share the Gospel to his home country through sports. “I want to bring church and soccer to them. We will do sports camps so kids can come.”

“I am glad he has chosen to go back,” Willie shared. “He is comfortable here and going back will be very difficult. Hats off to you, Kui Kui; I am positive you will impact so many.”

Kui Kui matches his heart with skill and knows God will go before him when he makes his way back to his home country and all those who await the Gospel. “He will continue to rise and learn,” said Willie. And there’s no doubt that he’s ready.

We thank God for the work He’s been doing in Kui Kui and Southeast Asia. Please pray for continued training, for support and the timing when Kui Kui goes back to serve his country. Praise the Lord for his willingness and obedience to serve coaches and athletes in Southeast Asia!

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