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Playing for Christ

Published on June 04, 2021


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We asked athletes, "Why do you pursue Christ?"

Here's what they said:


AJ EasonAJ Eason—Statesboro, Ga.

Football, Basketball & Track and Field

“Christ has done marvelous things in me and my family’s lives. He is the reason I wake up every morning and why I’ve gotten this far. He has done many miracles and will continue to lead me on the right path so my future will be bright and I will become a successful young man in my community.”


Jordyn Brown (2)Jordyn Brown—Woodbury, Minn.


“The more I pursue God, the more I learn about His goodness, which allows me to better understand how to glorify Him. I learn the importance of spreading the Good News. The only way to achieve earthly and eternal happiness and fulfillment is through faith in God, which makes pursuing Him a gift.”


Kyla Duncan (2)Kyla Duncan—New Orleans, La.


“I pursue Christ daily because He gives me true joy, peace and happiness. Most importantly, Christ gives me purpose to live.”


Josh Fisk (2)Josh Fisk—Bothell, Wash.


“I pursue Christ to strengthen my relationship with Him and learn about Him as a miracle worker, forgiver and warrior! I pursue Christ because He rides down from Heaven on a white horse with the words, ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ written on His thigh (Rev. 19:16). And THAT is my God.”

Lindsey Griffith 2 Crop 2Lindsey Griffith—Indiana, Pa.


“I pursue Christ because He fills my life with so much joy. I am a micromanager by nature and I stress a lot, but I have learned that His plans are better than mine. Pursuing Christ leaves me with much less stress and more joy than I could ever have on my own.”