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Innovation from the Heart

Published on January 12, 2021

Sarah Freymuth

Imagine trying to translate resources into a multitude of languages that span regions from Europe through Eurasia.

It’s huge work, but a task tailored for Yura Tyvonchuk, Head of Innovation for FCA North Global. In this role, Tyvonchuk is responsible for creating, printing and translating resources, providing technology implantation and support, website creation and equipping FCA leaders and volunteers through social, digital and print mediums as they serve coaches and athletes. “I use tools to protect the FCA brand, develop ministry and help countries find a better solution,” he said.

North Global Innovation Vision: To make FCA ministry and resources accessible to the masses using technology media to impact athletes, coaches and staff for Jesus Christ throughout Eurasia and Europe.
One resource that has proved pivotal in North Global ministry is 3D Coaching™. Tyvonchuk and his team of freelancers are translating subtitles to the 3D Coaching Academy website for Romania, Kazakhstan and Hungary. Their hope down the road will be to create the websites fully in their native languages.

“Europe wants resources in their own languages, but there are so many countries with different languages, it is hard to learn how to translate,” he said. “A strategy that works in Eurasia countries doesn’t work in Europe. We are working with our local leaders to better understand cultures and their needs.”

Meeting these daily challenges and changes inspires Tyvonchuk, who loves serving and connecting people in resource ministry. “Finding the right tools for FCA ministry and our leaders is a simple step, because staff and leaders tell us in the office, ‘Give us your resources and I will go to coaches and serve them with these resources.’”

Not every staff can come up with their own resources and devotionals for one-on-one meetings with coaches or athlete Huddles, so the Innovation team provides a variety of needed assets to tailor to ministry needs.

An attentive ear to God’s direction helps, too.

“We didn’t think of 3D courses with a fully Russian platform, but it was put in front of us to do,” Tyvonchuk said. “We finished it up this year and this all the coaches use it with COVID-19 and moving things virtual.”

YouVersion, the Bible reading app, is another great tool Tyvonchuk utilizes well. In the 2019-2020 ministry year, the North Global office has pushed out more than twenty new plans in English, Ukrainian and Russian, with 78,000 completions. Last year, they had 17,000 completions, and the difference is astounding.

What’s next for North Global Innovation is a reach into All Ability sports ministry. “We really want to help, but where to start?” Tyvonchuk wondered. 

After meeting a leader in Wales, Tyvonchuk and the team are praying to choose the top five resources to create, reaching blind and deaf athletes through Braille translations and audio and visual content. Currently, they are partnering with the FCA Support Center in Kansas City to translate English resources already in progress with the intention of moving to meet these needs in Eurasia and Europe’s native languages.

For Tyvonchuk, his role feels right. He graduated with a degree in Journalism but was drawn to the visual media side of things with photography and videography. When he joined FCA seven years ago, Tyvonchuk focused on media development for FCA Ukraine. They were a young organization and needs were basic. He never imagined he’d wind up responsible for resources and translation of languages across Europe and pieces of Asia with the North Global Division. But looking back on his journey, he can see the handprint of God paving the way.

“At university, my knowledge was publishing and editing,” he said. “It helped me to be successful with resources. God prepared me for this before I even understood.”

"Resources are helping to respond to the question of how we can help a coach to grow in his spiritual journey... We are so thankful here in our ministry to serve with our FCA resources."

-Andrew Chernenkov
FCA Ukraine West Multi-Area Director


Please pray for more faithful leaders to join FCA North Global, and for wisdom from God in technology and resources decisions that will be applied to all Eurasia and Europe. Continue to pray for health and God’s protection for Tyvonchuk and his family, and all the North Global families.

To support Tyvonchuk and his ministry, go here.

Get involved with North Global and visit fcaworld.org to learn more about what God’s doing around the globe through FCA.