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Committed in 2020

Published on December 09, 2020

This has been quite the unexpected year. From disappointments to surprising new ways to pursue community, we’ve navigated quite the rolling landscape. But this year has also brought us together in great and genuine ways, allowing for more connections to be made than ever through virtual platforms. We’ve taken solace together in canceled seasons and remained hopeful for what’s still to come. We’ve continued to give 100% in our sport, teams and faith through the unchanging guidance of God.

As we remain committed to finish the year on a strong and expectant note, here are the five most read FCA articles of 2020 showcasing the steadfast care of God in a time of twists and turns.


5. Finding Hope in Unexpected Disappointment

How to take heart in the middle of challenging situations.

It’s important we encourage one another, and build up the hope that is found in God’s goodness and remind each other of it.


Read the post here.


4. FCA Virtual: A New Way of Community

In the middle of such constantly changing times, there are a few things that stay the same: God’s Word, our call to be disciples who make disciples and our need to grow in our faith.

This is a space to get ideas for how to engage teams and Huddles in online spiritual growth and to look for ways to serve and connect in this time of limited social interaction.


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3. Four Truths for a Weary Competitor

Strengthen your mind, body and spirit with these four truths.

You are loved by the God of this universe, unconditionally, simply by being you.


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2. Rooted: Knowing God Deeply and Living in His Ways

A guide to root ourselves in the unchanging character of God amidst changing circumstances.

This is what it means to live 100% - to know your God deeply and to live in His ways. 


Read the post here.


1. One Hundred Percent

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz explains how he gives 100% to God and others.

“I’m not an athlete who follows Jesus. I’m a follower of Jesus who’s an athlete.”  - Carson Wentz


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