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One Million Completions

Published on December 07, 2020



God’s Word is alive and active, and when we stand on Scripture, Team FCA embodies its mission to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

The YouVersion Bible App is a free app that is available for download with Bible versions in over 1,500 languages. With a passion to create Biblically-centered, culturally-relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God throughout each day, YouVersion is a leading resource to engage and influence faith through God’s Word.

Together, FCA and YouVersion have built a partnership that aligns the competitive mindset with the constant truth of God’s Word. Coaches and athletes around the world have subscribed and completed FCA Plans as individuals, discipleship partners, Huddles and teams to grow in their faith and bring it into their sport.

We celebrate FCA’s partnership with the YouVersion Bible App and the amazing milestones reached in engaging coaches and athletes with God’s Word!

Since launching the first Bible Plan in August 2016, 1 million FCA Plans have been completed from 121 Plans in the Bible App. These FCA Plans are offered in 38 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian, to name a few. In the last 30 days alone, coaches and athletes in 147 countries have completed Plans.

“It’s in milestones moments like this that we celebrate a shared work between FCA and YouVersion. Together, we’re seeing people all over the world experience life transformation,” said Jeff Moore, YouVersion Director of Global Impact. “Our mission at YouVersion is to encourage and challenge people to seek intimacy with God every day, and it's an honor to be able to fulfill that mission in partnership with amazing organizations like FCA.”

One incredibly successful Plan is One Word That Will Change Your Life. It’s been featured within the YouVersion platform several times, translated into 38 languages, and has over 750,000 Plan completions.

Other Plans that have created good traction are A Season Deferred: Hope In The Midst of Uncertainty, FCA: Fruit of the Spirit and FCA Camino Al Oro Devocional.

“God continues to increase opportunities for FCA to get God’s Word into the hands of coaches and athletes around the world. Our partnership with YouVersion has created new ways through technology to engage even more coaches and athletes with the Bible,” said Dan Britton, FCA Chief Field Officer. “We are praising God that over 1 million Plans have been completed through this partnership. FCA’s commitment to Bible engagement grows every year, because we know His Word never returns void.”

The growth of FCA ministry worldwide has opened the door for increased impact that starts and stays rooted in the Bible.

“One of the things that has made FCA so successful in the use of YouVersion as a tool for ministry has been the work their teams around the globe have done to integrate the Plans into their daily work with athletes,” said Moore. “FCA leaders in Eastern Europe, Asia and beyond have found ways to connect the athletes they're working with to the FCA content distributed through YouVersion. This makes a winning partnership that allows both of our ministries to be more effective in the work to which God has called us.”

“You Version Plans will allow you to reach coaches and athletes in ways you have never imagined,” said FCA Divisional VP, North Global Andriy Kravtsov. “God allow us to bring His Word to places we would never go just by sharing a link. I can’t meet every coach, give him a Bible or teach him the Word, but I can invite him to read with me. YouVersion is an amazing tool!”

With more Plans in the works that create everyday reading habits for competitors around the world, this partnership shows no signs of slowing down. To keep up-to-date on new Plans, download the YouVersion Bible App and search FCA plans.