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Heart of a Donor- Robyn Hughes

Published on August 22, 2020


Robyn Hughes • Donor & Huddle Leader

Sunnyvale, California



Q: How has FCA helped you to know Christ

FCA shows me how the Spirit of Christ can move in the public schools. As a teacher, I cannot bring my faith or my politics into my classroom. However, through FCA I can join Bible studies, play worship music, pray, play games, witness, and spiritually mentor my students as a Huddle leader.


Q. How did you get connected with FCA?

About 10 years ago, a student-athlete, Meghan McDermott, wanted to start FCA at our high school. A few other teachers and I worked with FCA staffer Rigo Lopez to begin. Our ministry has grown tremendously and is still thriving. Praise God!


Q. How has FCA helped you to grow in Christ?

I am led to pray for protection of the ministry and for the students drawn to our outreaches. I coached track at the UCLA FCA Camp last summer and still pray for each of my athletes by name.


Q: How and why do you support the ministry of FCA?

FCA draws athletes together from the professional, collegiate and high school levels. FCA staffer Matt Decker will show up with 10 pizzas, and kids who play all types of sports will come to hear professional and collegiate athletes talk about their relationships with God. Our Huddle uses the Bible studies our FCA staff provide. I support FCA financially because the staff raise their own salaries.


Q. What is God teaching you right now?

Two things come to mind. First, His love for me is extravagant; there is nothing I can do to earn or lose it. Two, the importance of rest and recuperation on the Sabbath. Monday through Friday, I give my energy to about 120 students and 100 track athletes. Then, as a single mom, I go home to raise my beautiful 11-year-old daughter. On Sundays, I need to rejuvenate my soul and spend time with God so I can continue to love the youth in my life.