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The 100% Athlete

Published on May 06, 2020


What makes us peak as athletes? What do we really mean when we say we give our all?

How does it look as an athlete when we give 100%? When we prepare, train and perform at 100%?

IMG_3989We know the ultimate standard is Christ and want to mirror His example in our sport. So, how can we be Christlike in the athletic arena?

The Competitor’s Creed is a heartfelt declaration of true competition around FCA’s core values of integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence. Its words cry out a steadfast promise of commitment to performing for God.

Let’s examine the creed stanza by stanza and break down what it means to us as athletes:


I am a Christian first and last.

I am created in the likeness of

God Almighty to bring Him glory.

I am a member of Team Jesus.


Our Priority

Above all, our priority is our faith. We represent the living God, and we give 100% for His glory. Our first team will always be Team Jesus, and we focus on how we can speak, act and think like Jesus that will best love our teammates, coaches, and the competition.


I am a Competitor now and forever.

I am made to strive, to strain,

to stretch and to succeed

in the arena of competition.

I am a Christian Competitor

and as such, I face my challenger

with the face of Christ.


Be Dedicated

We are passionate in our performance, giving our all, all the time. All our dedication to our sport stems from a desire to use what God has given us and excel in competition. Christ was set on His mission, and we can do the same as we set our eyes on Him.


I do not trust in myself.

I do not boast in my abilities

or believe in my own strength.

I rely solely on the power of God.

I compete for the pleasure of

my Heavenly Father, the honor of Christ

and the reputation of the Holy Spirit.


We Represent

It isn’t our ability that gives us confidence; it’s the strength of God who has gifted us with the talents we have. God loves to watch us use our gifts and finds delight when we find joy in what we do. Not only do we represent our team, school and city, but we represent the Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.


My attitude on and off

the field is above reproach—

my conduct beyond criticism.

Whether I am preparing,

practicing or playing,

I submit to God’s authority

and those He has put over me.

I respect my coaches, officials,

teammates and competitors

out of respect for the Lord.


Be Consistent

Sometimes we think we can get away with being one persona on the field while living by a different set of standards off of it. But our attitudes in all situations still reflect the countenance of Christ. Respect is for God, and for those He has placed in charge: coaches, referees, teammates.


My body is the temple of Jesus Christ.

I protect it from within and without.

Nothing enters my body that

does not honor the Living God.

My sweat is an offering to my Master.

My soreness is a sacrifice to my Savior.


Care For Our Bodies

We take care of our body in every way: getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating healthy and exercising. All the hard work and hours of sweat, training in season and in the off season and the limits we push ourselves in the weight room is an offering to the One who has given us our bodies.


I give my all – all of the time.

I do not give up. I do not give in.

I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior—

a competitor by conviction

and a disciple of determination.

I am confident beyond reason

because my confidences lies in Christ.

The results of my efforts

must result in His glory.


Compete With Confidence

Carried by conviction, we forge ahead and fight the good fight of faith through competition. We can compete in confidence because we are confident in Christ who goes with us. Everything we do builds to the end goal: to bring glory to God.



Competition is thrilling, but it is more exhilarating knowing we’ve given our all for the One who gave His all for us. It’s a complete mind shift and determination to do everything seeking after Christ. It’s a daily choice, a daily invitation to bring Him into the athletic arena with us. Will you fully embrace these principles of complete surrender to Christ in your sport? Let’s compete with freedom and joy as competitors for Christ.








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