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Driven to Reflect

Published on April 27, 2020

Shane Williamson

Lately, I’ve been reflecting over my personal FCA journey, as well as the story of our ministry.

I don’t remember the first time I held a football, but I do remember the many fall nights I walked onto the field as an athlete and coach, both in high school and college. Winning the game drove me, my teammates and fellow coaches to train, prepare and play our best. Through the leadership of my high school coach, I got connected to FCA and learned to play for the glory of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I was so inspired that I became the student leader of my school’s FCA Huddle. Later, personally understanding the real impact FCA can make through coaching, I sponsored a Huddle. The Lord then called me into full-time ministry through FCA staff in 2002. Like many others who look back over a long journey say, the rest is history.

We’ve grown from being a sports ministry that hosted a National Conference, citywide outreach events and a handful of Huddles each year into a global movement in more than 90 countries. We’re engaging the Gospel, equipping through God’s Word, and empowering disciples to make disciples. Driven to find more ways to reach coaches and athletes, we’re expanding into league and club sports as well as adventure sports like surf, skate, rodeo, outdoors, motocross and BMX. As a leadership team, we’re being intentional to include all athletes and coaches of every sport, ability and nationality; leading even more into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

As we grow, I find it’s critical to pause and reflect. What’s driven this growth, and what is motivating us today? Are we giving God our best? What is He asking of us now?

I’m grateful to say that what’s driving FCA today is what drove us to get started in 1954: our vision of seeing coaches and athletes transformed by Jesus Christ. The vision didn’t start with me; I am one of the athletes it impacted along the way who God called to drive it forward. It’s an honor to serve Jesus Christ and make His name known.

Shane Williamson