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Heartbeat for God

Published on April 15, 2020

Adelie Cox

Moses Muge grew up loving the game of basketball, but he always felt like he could offer more by teaching others how to play than by playing himself.

Born and raised in Mombasa, an urban city off the coast of Kenya, he and his family moved to a town called Eldoret when he was 15. It was here that he had his first taste of coaching when the patron of his school invited him to join the team as an assistant coach. The students at his high school had little experience with basketball, and they quickly recognized Muge’s knowledge and familiarity with the game. Although he had never coached a day in his life, he didn’t let that hold him back; he accepted the job.

DSC_5218 (Moses Muge's conflicted copy 2019-04-18)“Basketball is my way of expression and my favorite avenue to teach people about life,” Muge said. “The thrill of teaching someone and watching them do it successfully motivates me to coach the players.”

As the years went on, Muge found great purpose in coaching, but he still felt like there were gaps in his life. Something was missing. When he put 100 percent of his faith in Jesus, everything changed.


Like many other coaches in Kenya, Muge grew up in a Christian home and believed in God, but he had never fully given his life to Christ. After enduring a difficult battle with depression, he realized it was time to surrender to Jesus. He made a faith decision that is now impacting hundreds of coaches and athletes across Africa.

At 15 years old, Muge was given his first opportunity to coach at his high school and helped lead his team to their first county championship since 1931.

As God transformed Muge’s newly surrendered heart in Kenya, He was also working behind the scenes in America and lining up providential meetings. A few years prior to his faith decision, Muge’s mother had traveled to the States to raise money for her widows’ ministry in Kenya. She happened to meet FCA staffer Mike DiMaria, who was pastoring LifePoint Church in Louisiana at the time.

“Early on a Sunday morning, I was praying and reading, and the Lord led me to Romans 16:1-2,” DiMaria said. “I knew immediately that it applied to [Muge’s mother, Ms. Amino]. I felt the Lord say I was to take care of and serve this woman in the same way Paul said to take care of Phoebe. From that moment on, she became a big part of our lives.”

As DiMaria and Ms. Amino forged a friendship, Ms. Amino continued to travel to Louisiana and share updates on her ministry. When DiMaria joined FCA in 2014, he told her about FCA’s global vision. It didn’t take long for that vision to make its way back home to Kenya—and to her son.


In 2016, a team comprised of FCA staff took a vision trip to Kenya to meet with Muge and pray with leaders in the region. Leaders like DiMaria from FCA’s Southeast Central U.S. Region were aligned with the International East Africa Region, which included Kenya. Because of the connection with Muge and his mother, they were interested in asking him to become an international leader for FCA. With 14 years of coaching experience ranging from high schools, universities and clubs in Kenya, Muge seemed well-positioned to lead. It didn’t take long for him to get on board.

“When FCA came to Kenya, they asked me to mobilize coaches for an introductory 3Dimensional Coaching® training,” Muge said. “I was so excited, though I didn’t know what FCA was all about. And I was honored to have this opportunity—no one had ever given me such a big responsibility.”

“Moses is a talented leader who has a huge heart for coaches and athletes in Kenya. It is awesome how he and his wife, Joyce, serve together in ministry as they minister to coaches and their families.” —Silas Mullis, FCA Director of Field Operations

FCA leaders knew Muge was the right coach to take on this critical role because of his passion, alignment with FCA’s Vision, and the “engage, equip and empower” methods of ministry. He eagerly dove in.

“He came to the U.S. and spent time with key FCA leaders to discover how to do ministry and effectively reach coaches and athletes throughout Kenya,” said FCA Chief Field Officer Dan Britton. “Moses is willing to do whatever it takes to reach more people in his country.”


Muge joined FCA and quickly learned how to merge the Word of God with sports and coaching. Today, his drive for reaching Kenya is evident.

“It’s so encouraging to see him develop FCA programs like Fields of Faith, Camps, and Coaches Huddles,” said Britton. “And, he’s already led six 3Dimensional Coaching® workshops attended by 450 people, all to meet the needs of those he’s ministering to. Moses understands that relationships are the heartbeat of ministry.”

FCA’s Mission is to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. With leaders like Muge, the ministry is one step closer to seeing its vision fulfilled—the whole world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.


PHOTO-2019-08-20-12-17-033Dimensional Coaching®

FCA follows the strategy of “To and Through the Coach” because we believe coaches are the greatest influencers in sports culture. To reach coaches, we teach 3Dimensional Coaching®.

3Dimensional Coaching® is changing the world of sports when it comes to effectively coaching athletes. Utilizing this training, coaches from different parts of the world are learning their role and influence is far more valuable than simply training up athletes to win games. It’s about reaching the heart of the athlete.

3Dimensional Coaching® provides a framework for coaches to learn how to coach their athletes in all three dimensions—the physical, mental and spiritual. FCA is seeing incredible global impact on coaches’ ministry through these training sessions and workshops.

In 2019, we hosted 141 3Dimensional Coaching® workshops in 44 countries with 5,233 coaches in attendance. 3Dimensional Coaching® is currently offered in eight different languages: Korean, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

FCA will continue to develop resources in multiple languages with the hope of seeing every coach equipped and transformed.

To learn more about 3Dimensional Coaching®, check outfcacoachesacademy.com.