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Truth Over Emotion

Published on April 06, 2020

Nevin Rosner

With sports seasons being cut short or canceled altogether, jobs being lost and the physical/face-to-face aspect of community indefinitely removed in this new virtual “norm” it’s so important to hold the truth of God’s Word closely and not let our emotions get the best of us. These are certainly times of emotional heaviness but Isaiah 61:3 challenges us that for the spirit of heaviness, we are to put on the garment of praise. It’s with that praise that we’ll be able to fight our battles during these unprecedented times!

There are many stories in the Bible where God’s people chose to hold the truth of who God is over their emotions. As a result, these individuals saw transformation during their times of waiting and isolation...and so can you! Let’s take a look at a few of these stories. 

Joseph - Genesis 40

In Genesis 40, we find Joseph stuck in prison. He has been there for many years in suffering and isolation desperate for God to provide a way out. After meeting the butler and baker in prison, Joseph is able to serve them by interpreting their dreams. Both the butler and the baker are released from prison and Joseph asks the butler to remember him and help him get out of prison as well. 

What happens next? The butler forgets Joseph! Joseph will end up spending two more years in prison before the butler finally remembers Joseph and is able to get him out of prison. 

EMOTION: Joseph could have easily let his emotions get the best of him and blamed God for his waiting and isolation. Joseph could have spoken ill of God when he was given the opportunity to serve the butler and baker. 

TRUTH: Just as a coach may draw up a key play for his team to run during a critical moment in a game, God had a key action drawn up for Joseph that needed to be executed at the right time. Joseph trusted God’s timing and purpose more than anything! Rather than focusing on quick relief of pain, Joseph was desperate for God’s calling and purpose for his season of waiting and isolation.

Joseph chose to trust TRUTH over EMOTIONS!

David - 2 Samuel 2-5

Beginning in 2 Samuel 2, we read the story of David being anointed by Samuel to be the future king of Judah. Did David take the throne right away? As a matter of fact, no! He ended up waiting for 15 years before he would succeed Saul as king. 

David waited patiently on God during those 15 years. We do not find David trying to force his way to the throne. As a matter of fact, even after King Saul was killed, David still waited patiently. He prioritized God and God’s plan for his life over everything else. 

EMOTION: David could have been impatient. He could have done everything in his power to force his way to the throne. David could have given up on God and the calling on his life and tried to make a name for himself elsewhere. He could have doubted God’s plan.

TRUTH: David writes in Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will work out his plans for my life - for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.” David trusted the Lord and believed that God was in complete control of fulfilling that which he was called to. David chose to wait...and wait well. The Lord has plans for your sports season, your career and your life. Are you trusting that He will work out those plans?

David chose to trust TRUTH over EMOTIONS!

Job - The book of Job

Job is a wealthy man with a big family and a lot of land and cattle. One day, Satan appears before God in heaven. God is proud of Job’s goodness and shares that with Satan. But Satan tries to say that Job’s goodness is only due to the abundant blessings that God has poured on to Job’s life. Satan challenges God and says that if God allows Satan to torment Job, Job will ultimately curse God. God allows Satan to torment Job.

In the course of a single day, Job receives word that his cattle, servants and ten children have all died. Later, Job becomes ill and suffers from horrible skin sores. Everything seems to be stripped from Job! But how does he react?

EMOTION: Wow! Job endured a lot! It would have been so easy to let the emotions that Job experienced in the mourning get the best of him and simply curse God and die. He very well could have had a complaining spirit through it all. 

TRUTH: Time and time again, Job’s friends and family encourage Job to curse God and die. However, Job continues to recognize the power of God and trusts that He has a plan and purpose in all of the suffering. Even though it may have appeared that Job was truly an underdog against life in general, he remained faithful. As a result of Job’s faithfulness to God, he receives his health back and God provides him with twice as much land as before, more children and a long healthy life.

Job chose to trust TRUTH over EMOTIONS!

So, what about you? During these times when you may experience a heavy heart and spirit, will you choose to remain faithful in your praise? Will you choose to trust the TRUTH of God’s Word over the EMOTIONS that we may be feeling during this time of waiting and isolation?

If this concept has been a struggle for you during this time, take a look at this helpful blog entitled A Season Deferred as it offers a few steps that you can take when confronted with different feelings and emotions.

In addition, if you are actively looking for a Bible study that will help you focus on God’s protection, healing and plan for your life during these times, take a look at our brand new YouVersion reading plan called A Season Deferred: Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty

Remember, our identity is not in athletics. It’s not in our successes. It’s not in our career. Our identity is in Christ! It’s because of the relationship we have with Jesus Christ and the accountability with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that we will be able to come out of this season of waiting transformed.