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We're Not Normal, and That's A Good Thing

Published on January 22, 2020

Coaches and athletes are a unique breed. There’s something in us that has a bit more diligence, dedication, and passion than the average person. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and encourage those around us to do the same.

_DXA0487 copy 2We can endure grueling mental and physical workouts, training both body and mind past a normal breaking point so we are a cut above the rest, our strive for excellence. We have unique attributes that set us apart, that allow us to dig into the challenges and adventures of athletics and life.

We learn through competition. We pay attention to where we’re struggling, how someone on the other team perfected a new move, and what our losses teach us. It’s ongoing assessment to tweak and turn our abilities so we can grow, as athletes and coaches, but also as people.


Here’s what we believe are the top 10 attributes that make competitors different:



We light up at the chance to compete. There’s something special about the spark of competition, the chance to rise above the rest and set ourselves on top. Whether it’s a friendly wager or huge game on the line, we like to up the ante and make a game out of anything that can become competitive.



We commit to discipline because we know what we must do to get the job done. Strong mental toughness allows us to focus on finishing our rep at the squat rack or running those last sprints because we know we’ll need the stamina at the end of a long playoff game.



We remain fixed on the future. Goal setting starts in the beginning stages of our season, sometimes even before the season begins, but we fix our eyes on what we want to accomplish, and then we get after it with vigor and a laser-like focus until we see our goals come to fruition.


Handle Pressure

We step up when the pressure builds. The game is on the line, clock’s winding down, the roar of the crowd deafens out our coaches and teammates, and we thrive. Our training and commitment allow us to perform under pressure because we know our team will get it done.


Comfortable with Failure

We’re comfortable with failure. We deal with losses and learn from them, push ourselves to get better and come back the next time even stronger. We don’t take failure as absolute but strive to improve our game and be prepared for getting things right the next time.



We’re familiar with sacrifice. We often spend long hours studying film, honing our skills, and giving up nights with friends or that tasty-looking sweet so we can be at peak performance. Giving up a few old habits like snacks and sleeping in is a small sacrifice because we believe in what we’re working towards.


Push Limits

We push past boundaries to reach new heights. When our bodies peak, we adjust our lifting, switch nutrition, and give another 110% to take ourselves to the next level. We approach new methods of preparation, working out, and nutrition to stay on the cutting edge of health and competition.



We are flames ignited. For our sport, for the thrill of competition, for working out our bodies so they are at their fittest. We look to what’s new in coaching to stay on top and operate from the fire in our bellies to achieve, succeed, and stay on top.



We’re good at sportsmanship. We compete with the best of them, stopping at nothing until we see the ‘W’ or earn that title. But we do it with class, with kindness and humility, and we build up teammates and opponents as people.



We are loyal. Focused on our teammates, those we go through the wringer with on the field, in practices and games, and outside preparation. We’re devoted and dedicated to all aspects of life, and we maintain commitment to team and God.


We play and live with passion, commitment, and an unyielding vision that lifts us above the norm. This is the competitor’s way of life: all in, all the time.



Consider: What do you like about being a competitor? What keeps you “all in”?

Action: Find one aspect of your life where you can step up your commitment. Have a reading goal? Get there. Want to be more committed to your morning workouts? Get to it.

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