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What Motivates You, Competitor?

Published on January 15, 2020

You’ve got something, Competitor. A spark, an extra dose of setting your sights on a high goal and getting it done. You live for the thrill of competition, and when the whistle blows, energy surges through you.
You love the game and are hardwired to hone your skills because it’s what you were born to do. Why do you think that is? What motivates you, Competitor? 

massimo-sartirana-PYphlXS0gbo-unsplashWe want to be the best. We can’t help it. It’s embedded in us from the beginning and is in our DNA. As coaches and athletes, we are created to be competitors, to come out on top and work like crazy to get there. There’s something satisfying about knowing all the hours and effort we put in on the field and in the weight room will pay off, that individual and team goals determined before the start of the season are met by its end. It’s imprinted into us: aim for the ultimate wins—championships, honors and accolades, an athletic legacy.  

What is it that fuels that spark of competition, the thrill of the game when everything is on the line and the tick of the clock tells us time is running out? Why is there so much focus on winning, on constantly coming out victorious?

We compete for a myriad of reasons:

The want to win. Simply put, it’s in us to win. No one likes seeing the “L” column with anything other than zero. Winning is an adrenaline rush we can’t seem to get enough of, so we pour 100% into making sure we perform at our best.

Recognition. No matter how team-oriented we may be, there is always space for a small seed inside us that wants validation, for people to know our name and the amazing feats we have accomplished. This propels us to strive year after year for winning records, deep playoff runs, and the name that’s recognized within our sport.

Something to prove. At some point in our lives, we’ve run into somebody who has told us we were too small, slow, untalented, loud… the list goes on. And we’ve made it a point to prove them wrong, to scrap and fight our way to wins and show that we’ve succeeded despite the naysayers.

Accolades. Sometimes we can be competitive within the competition itself, wanting honors to add to our collection. It becomes about accumulating—the championships, records, adding to our athletic resume to see how long that list can get. There is always room for another statistic and honor that showcases our being the best in certain areas.

Desire to be part of a family. Teams form a family unit, coaches turn to parent-figures, teammates become siblings. We go through rigorous training together, and the sweat and strain throughout the season ties us in a common goal to be conference, state and bowl champions. Team bonds often last long after our time in a jersey.

For God’s glory. We compete for something bigger than ourselves, for a grander purpose. We give our all for the One who gave us our abilities in the first place. When we commit to bettering ourselves on and off the field, It’s an offering back to Him.


Whatever the reasons, we all have a common thread: to compete at our highest level and attain our best. The excitement that pounds through our veins when we step on the field and vision of grandeur as we close in on the win energizes us. What we want determines how we go about training for the big moments, as we mentally and physically prepare, do our work in season and out, set our determination on course.

In the athletic world, we have a unique perspective that lives in us to make us work hard, set our minds on future hopes and give our all on the court or field. It also carries over into our everyday moments that can lead us to the top of our game in every facet of life.

Competitor, we know your desire to succeed runs deep. But what motivates you to be your best? Why do you compete?



Consider: What fuels you to be successful? In what ways do you want to be the best, both on and off the field? Why?

Action: If you’re not already aware of your motivation, keep track of what invigorates you in your sport this week and find out why.

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