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Transformational Training: FCA International Leaders Gather From 12 Countries

Published on September 29, 2019

Chad Bonham

As FCA exponentially expands around the world, its methods for engaging, equipping and empowering coaches and athletes continues to evolve. There is no better illustration of this reality than training and developing key leadership to serve at the local level. One significant way FCA trains new staff and leaders is through Training Camp held at the Support Center for five days in Kansas City, Missouri. 

In September, FCA hosted 61 FCA staff and International Leaders from 12 countries including Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova and the United States. The attendees received inspiration, instruction and insight rom guest speakers such as Director of Field Operations Silas Mullis, EVP of Training Debbie Jobe and Leadership Coach Dan Webster.

The group also broke into nine huddles including one that was exclusively comprised of Latin American leaders who were able to process the material in their own language. Each of the other eight huddles had at least one international leader. This helped expand the vision for global ministry by allowing for discussion that included a strong international perspective.

For many, the experience provided practical tools to help lay a strong foundation to build long-term ministry.

Thonny shared his inspiration to translate the Play Book and organize a camp to train 80 volunteers in his home nation of Haiti. Augustin from Malaysia went home with a renewed desire to teach his athletes and coaches about the importance of serving and making sure that gospel teaching is attached to his sports programs and activities.

But according to FCA Leadership, the sessions were meant to go much deeper than that.

“Training Camp attendees were surprised at the end of the week that we spend less time on ‘X’s and O’s’ and more time helping them become healthy ministry leaders,” Jobe said. “This is intentional on our part believing that healthy ministries need to be led by healthy leaders: spiritually, financially and physically.”

To that end, international leaders were challenged to be more intentional in their personal spiritual growth.

“I learned that I need to let God spend more time with me, not me with Him,” Efren from Mexico said. “I want to be guided by Him everyday even in the smallest areas of the ministry and not rely on my knowledge or experience.”

Mullis and Jobe were especially excited to see attendees grow in their confidence as emerging leaders. Osmar from Guatemala was one who caught their attention.

“I was delighted to see how Osmar took charge of his Huddle and even translated at times to help make sure everyone was understanding the major teaching points,” Mullis said. “The first time he attended he seemed timid and unsure on sharing his vision to a prospective donor. However, this time, he was coaching his Latino leaders in how to be more confident and clear when sharing their vision to donors. Seeing growth and transformation in leaders is always an incredible sight to witness.”

At the end of the conference, however, it was the feeling of unity and unwavering support that buoyed everyone in attendance.

“I love meeting new friends,” Tony from Laos said. “I now have a big family in the world.”

Miguel from the Dominican Republic was likewise encouraged through the weeklong gathering.

“I enjoyed the fellowship that we had together,” he said. “It was a blessing to hear everyone’s stories and to pray as brothers and sisters.”

Shane with Latinos.001

Moving forward, the FCA International leadership team believes these kinds of training events will provide a much-needed catalyst for short-term development and long-term, sustainable growth.

“It is evident that God is bringing to FCA high capacity leaders from around the globe,” Jobe said. “I am filled with thankfulness anticipating what God is going to do through these incredible lives for His Kingdom.”