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'Let's Go' Back To Campus

Published on September 06, 2019


This summer’s Camps season through FCA has transformed the lives upwards of 100,000 coaches and athletes. And now, as they head back to school, return to campus and begin the fall sports season, the imprint God made at FCA Camps will last long into the school year.

A64A2286All summer, coaches, athletes and teams who attended about 800 FCA Camps in nearly every state across the country and around the world have been sharing their amazing experiences on social media via the hashtags #LetsGo and #FCACamp.

“God is moving at this camp,” said one keynote Camp speaker in Pennsylvania. “There’s a lot of hurt, a lot of brokenness. Students are experiencing freedom.”

Several student campers also testified to the impact FCA Camps had on their lives:

  • “FCA Camp was great! I follow my faith more … than I have ever before. I want to thank the people that are by my side as I go through this great journey.”

  • “Before I got saved, I didn’t see how that was relatable—that God was here and sports were here. But the way FCA brings that together is awesome.”

  • “Doing sports God’s way: Competing according TO the Word of God, BY the power of God, FOR the glory of God!”

  • “I can keep motivated to still have God in my life no matter how hard things get. He gave me the talent to play soccer, and I can worship Him through soccer.”

  • “Thank the Lord for this amazing Camp and all the amazing people I met at it.”

  • “Such an incredible day of Power Camp! We had an awesome Camp filled with Jesus, healthy competition, classic FCA Camp chants and last but not least, awards! Congrats to our competition winning Huddles! Thanks to all who served and helped…”

  • “I’m so grateful to have been able to go to this Camp and meet all of these amazing people! As soon as we met each other we all clicked somehow. We all found our hustle and motivation through God and each other!”


Coaches, Huddle leaders and volunteers also saw incredible impact—both in their own lives and in the lives of students and teams.

  • “God is BIG and has a plan for you. ‘I have been given all authority in heaven and in earth’—Matthew 28:18—GO BIG”

  • “I showed up to Camp … not knowing what to expect. I had a goal in mind and that goal was to serve these kids at Camp. I didn’t know how or to what length, but service has become my number 1 priority.”

  • “FCA Camp always shows me new things. The Lord always makes big moves and hearts are forever changed. I’m glad I got to show these young bloods how to hoop and follow Jesus.”

  • “This week at #FCACamp has been, to say the least, transformational. I have been honored to coach an incredible group of young athletes and help the progress not only in their baseball skills but more importantly as people.”

  • “If you think you are just a coach, you are missing the purpose, it is our honor to become a coach that empowers many young athletes to reach their potential in sports and in their life as they live and serve others in God’s purpose.”


A64A2820This year’s FCA Camps impact was not contained to the United States but was evident in many other countries as well.  

“Our campers and coaches return to their homes with biblical life-skills that they learn at Camp,” shared an FCA International Camp leader from Kenya. “Their families and community see the transformation that Christ is doing in their lives.”

Last summer, FCA welcomed more than 88,000 coaches and athletes to more than 770 Camps in 43 states and 50 nations, where over 5,000 campers also made first-time commitments to Christ, and nearly 10,000 recommitted their lives to the Lord. Impact numbers from the 2019 Camps season will be available soon.


The 2019 FCA ministry and Camps theme of “Let’s Go,” based on the Bible verses from Matthew 28:18-20, is not only the rally cry for many athletes, coaches and teams, but it also should be the goal of Christians when they consider Christ’s call to the Great Commission.

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