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Don Wells, Heart of a Donor

Published on August 15, 2019


dew professional photo 2 (1)Q. How has FCA helped you to know Christ?

As an adult involved with FCA from an Advisory Board perspective, I see FCA at work in schools. I visit Huddles regularly to help support leaders. I see Christ working in the schools as students connect to adults and one another in their journeys to love and express

Christ. I have also grown in my personal faith with the assistance of FCA’s local leadership. Rye D’Orazio has ministered to me and guided me through difficult parts of my life by showing me love and direction. FCA has made me a better follower of Christ.

Q. How and why do you support the ministry of FCA?

I support FCA because I believe if we can impact students, especially athletes, we can change the culture in our schools. Students need to know they are not alone in their journey to love and express Christ daily. We need to give them tools and support to battle the temptations and pressures that exist. I believe FCA does that by being in the schools regularly. Many of the Huddles meet weekly, with an FCA presence throughout the week. That creates an environment in which students feel connected and safe, and FCA provides that environment.

Q. What is God teaching you right now?

I want to move and accomplish things in a big way, quickly. I struggle to understand why everyone does not see what can be, the way I see it. God is working on my patience and developing a love and appreciation for everyone. He is slowing me down to make sure I leave room for Him to work.

Q. How did you get connected with FCA?

My son was a pretty good athlete in middle school. We sent him to camps in the area. An FCA coach met and talked with him, and he thought enough of my son to reach out and ask me about being involved with FCA. I slowly stepped in. My passion for FCA has grown, and my involvement has increased. That was about 10 years ago. My son is still active in FCA, and it’s a connection point for us.