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Zorilla Cup Connecting Baseball with Faith

Published on April 28, 2019

Over the past several years, the doors of Ukraine have been opened further to the ministry of FCA. This spring, baseball lovers of all ages gathered again for the sixth annual “Zorilla Cup” baseball tournament in Lviv.

Each year, Chicago Cubs World Series-winning outfielder and second baseman Ben Zobrist sponsors the annual baseball tournament that lifts up coaches and gives the experience of a lifetime to young players. FCA Ukraine Director Andriy Kravtsov says Zobrist has been very excited to continue to support the work of FCA Ukraine.

“Realize how special it is that you get to mold these young kids,” Zobrist has told the Ukrainian coaches. “You get to help them grow as they play the game of baseball. What a blessing that is! Remember that it’s about growth and development, it’s not about wins and losses. Even at our level, we have to win and lose, but we really need to keep growing and learning. It’s about developing as a ballplayer but also developing as a person, and the character you’re helping these kids learn as they get older. Blessings to you and your teams!”

The Ukraine participants were indeed moved by Zobrist’s zeal for baseball in Ukraine and his partnership for the tournament. One Ukrainian referee named Sergey who was part of the event said, “You are making something unique work, and I want to be a part of this movement.” 

The March 23-24 “Zorilla Cup” tournament brought together 240 participants, eight teams, 18 coaches, and eight FCA staff members and volunteers with the goal to develop baseball and share the love of Christ in Ukraine. Through the sport of baseball, FCA representatives are able to meet new coaches, build relationships with existing coaches FCA has served for many years, and encourage both coaches and athletes.

Team Celebration Zorilla