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Heart of an Athlete with Natalie Loria - Florida Running

Published on February 12, 2019

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Q. How does your relationship with Christ impact the way you compete?

In my races, when that first mile hits me and I think to myself, “Okay, how am I going to finish these last two?” I’m reminded that I’m not running for anyone but Jesus. No matter the outcome of a race, I am always grateful God gave me the legs to run.


Q. How has FCA helped you grow in Christ?

When I started the FCA Huddle at my school, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I relied a lot on prayer and people who support me. This was the first time I noticed that God really answers prayers. I prayed for little things like, “Give me people to help me start this club,” and “Give me a teacher who will sponsor me.” Little by little, I received everything I asked for, and I realized how much God truly listens. I’ve created relationships with student-athletes from my school who have the same passion for Christ that I do. We motivate one another to grow in our faith. I want to thank my leaders who help me. They are living reminders that God answers prayers.


Q. What is God teaching you right now?

Patience. I have a lot of senior responsibilities. I am saving for college. I have a lot of applications and scholarship forms my teachers, counselors and I are filling out. This takes waiting. I am also learning to let go of things I cannot control. I know He will take care of it—1 Peter 5:7 is my motto.


Q. How has FCA helped you to engage others to know and grow in Christ?

FCA has given me a wonderful opportunity to share my faith publicly without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. I find that rather than randomly preaching to them, my friends notice how I carry myself and that I view the world through “God-lenses.” So when they come to an FCA meeting and see how much fun we have, they keep coming back, and eventually, I get to invite them to church. They notice the relationships we create in FCA and they want to be part of it. In that process, they learn the one thing we all have in common: Jesus. He is who makes us a family.