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Fields of Faith 2017 Impact

Almost 200,000 people gathered on over 500 athletic fields for FCA’s annual event.

Published on December 18, 2017


Lives were transformed eternally on more than 500 athletic fields across the country this fall, as FCA’s student-led Fields of Faith events set a record number in attendance with almost 200,000.

In mid-October, the 14th annual Fields of Faith gatherings kicked off around the world. Students led with worship songs and prayer to challenge their peers to pray, read their Bible and commit their lives to Christ.

In all, more than 198,000 attended events on 521 fields. A total of 6,213 people made first-time faith commitments, 5,015 recommitted their lives to Christ, and 6,494 committed to reading their Bible.

“We have been so blessed as we watch all God has done and continues to do through FCA’s Fields of Faith events,” said Jeff Martin, FCA’s executive vice president of ministry advancement. “It is absolutely incredible that more than 198,000 people gathered on athletic fields around the world, challenging each other to read their Bibles and pray. None of this would have been possible without God and the students He raised up to organize these amazing events, where they could lift up their peers and share with them how Jesus has changed their lives.”

Fields of Faith began in 2004 under Martin as peer-to-peer gatherings that inspire students to refuel their faith and get back to the basics of reading God’s Word through worship and personal testimonies, sparking a spiritual movement for God. Since 2004, Fields of Faith events have impacted over a million people.

Attendees were encouraged to share their Fields of Faith experiences on social media platforms. On Twitter, the handle @fieldsoffaith and hashtag #FOF17 were inundated with staff, student and volunteer feedback, testimonials and photos. Prominent comments included:

“Powerful night at Fields of Faith!! God is doing remarkable things through our students. We are thankful for an incredible night and amazed to see what He continues to do for His kingdom.”

“Thankful we all got to speak tonight. Fields of Faith is such a blessing and it was definitely an awesome night!”

Still in awe as God showed out last night at @GHCFCA Fields of Faith as 20+ students accepted Christ and stepped from death to life!”

“It’s time to spark a spiritual movement for God. Christianity needs a change in momentum — students who will stand together against the pressures and temptations in our world and be a generation that is committed to reading the Bible and applying it to their lives. It’s time to Get in the Game and Get in the Book!”

Fields of Faith touched lives internationally, too, as FCA Philippines hosted a large gathering. A small but mighty group also gathered in South Korea.

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More than 198,000 people attended Fields of Faith events in 2017, including 6,213 people who made first-time faith commitments


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