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Four Decades of Dedication

Published on August 21, 2017

Sarah Rennicke

Dave Krider has witnessed a plethora of personal development in his 41 years as La Porte (Ind.) High School’s (Ind.) FCA Huddle sponsor. Students have flourished in his care, grown up and gone through a variety of athletic and community jobs, marriages to one another, and, most importantly, gained eternity through accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.

A community staple and constant presence at basketball games, Krider’s never far from the action. He can recount countless stories of Huddle meetings, memories of laughter and hearing the gospel at FCA Camp, and keeping lasting friendships as students turned into adults.

Krider’s FCA involvement emerged through his illustrious sports journalism career covering prep basketball from a 28-year tenure as sports editor for La Porte’s newspaper, where he built relationships with local student-athletes and coaches and gained in-depth involvement with the school. He spent time as a national syndicate with USA Today Sports, and led to eight halls of fame inductions, but His biggest blessing, he said, is his time with FCA.

As he created content for FCA Camp newsletters in Ohio, Michigan and Black Mountain, N.C. Impacted by the spirit of Camp environment and testimonies of young athletes, he wanted a similar atmosphere in halls of La Porte and began a two-year-long prayer for a Huddle.

His prayers were answered when the first meeting commenced in October 1975. Six students showed up, but next time, the number increased to 25, where it remained through the year. When his co-sponsor, basketball coach Skip Collins, moved to another school, Krider become the sole sponsor.

“I realized all you had to do was to love God, kids and sports and give your time,” he said.

And he has certainly given his time.

Members of La Porte High School FCA Huddle in worship.

Leading and loving young kids is a passion, and Krider has dedicated thousands of hours to Huddles in the morning, at night, weeks at Camps, and covering sporting events in prayer. He’s worked with local organizations like the Rotary and Lions Clubs for scholarship funding that sent many kids to FCA Camp and changed lives.

He’s had no shortage of stories throughout the decades, but one of the most memorable he recalls was when 108 kids crammed into three rooms of a house, as the speaker gave the message from the hallway.

The effect of Krider’s service reverberates years down the road, when he’ll hear stories from former students who came to know and accept Christ from seeds planted in Huddle time.

“Nothing will top that feeling,” he said.

At the hearty age of 77, Krider relates well to teenagers and appreciates their enthusiasm, heart, and quest to find deeper meaning in their lives. His ministry is God, kids and sports, and he doesn’t take any of it lightly.

“I have always felt a great responsibility—as well as joy—to be a role model for the several thousand kids who have attended over the years,” he said.

The 2017-18 school year marks year 42 for Krider, and he has only missed about five meetings in those four decades. Krider keeps a file filled with local FCA stories, cards and letters from former students, and treasures the privilege of sharing God’s love with the young people he advocates for.

There are several schools in his area still without an FCA, and he has kept them on his prayer list. One day, he hopes, Huddles form within their walls.

His four decades of dedication and selfless service to La Porte FCA is remarkable, ushering thousands of kids through the high school’s halls, with a future and well-rounded transformation mindset.

“FCA is one of the anchors of the school,” he said. “I've always looked at it as we're producing good citizens, as well as Christians.”

Award Dinner Group
Dave and Lois Krider (center, left) received the Indiana FCA Lifetime Impact Award for their service as FCA sponsors.

It’s been a family affair through the years, too. He and his wife Lois have co-sponsored the Huddle together for the last 29 years, and his children and grandchildren also attended FCA. His youngest granddaughter will join him in the Huddle this fall as a freshman.

Krider cherishes every moment spent tilling relationships and drawing closer to the Lord.

“My biggest goal in life is to be God’s ever-growing good and faithful servant,” he said. “And FCA is my best way to do that.”


Photos courtesy of Dave Krider and Nanette Buresh