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Fit For The King

Published on August 14, 2017

Sarah Rennicke

Former FCA Oklahoma area representative Sarah Roberts kept having the same conversation with women: wives, mothers, young professionals, retired, each of them missing their days as athletes involved in FCA.

Roberts wanted to develop a way for these women to stay involved in the ministry. Then, one snow day in 2014 when regular school-day schedules were shut down, she and some neighbors met at a nearby gym for a workout and a short devotion. Something clicked, and FCA Fit N Faith was born.

The community Huddles for women are an outreach that encourages physical fitness and spiritual strengthening. The goal is to see women impacted for Jesus through the influence of physical fitness, finding strength in all areas of their life.

"It’s just one step deeper in building those relationships."
-FCA Women in Sports Director Sarah Roberts

Women ranging in age from 65 to 20, with all levels of physical fitness, enjoy a safe environment where they can be real about their bodies and spiritual conditions.

“Women are so relational, so when they can come together and hold each other accountable, it’s just one step deeper in building those relationships,” Roberts said.

Sherri Rife, a seasoned Huddle member, keeps coming back to Fit N Faith in part of that accountability.

“I have no excuse to stay in bed when these young mothers with children and jobs find a way to be there at 5:30 a.m.,” she said, also adding how energized she gets from the workouts and Biblical devotionals.

Roberts has her leadership team, certified personal trainers and a nutritionist who compile the game plan to execute among the six Huddles across Oklahoma.

Huddle leader Brandye Trisciani loves bringing God into the gym and tying Him together with her passion for fitness.

“I learn so much from the women in my Huddles,” she said. “I am just like them. I struggle like they do both spiritually and physically, and I have insecurities as well.”

Cheer team with their goodie bags from FCA Fit N Faith

Roberts echoed Trisciani’s sentiments.

“It’s nice to know we’re not alone,” she said. “We’re building community to say we’re all in this thing together and we all have real struggles, we all have real problems, but we’re doing it with the help of a real God. It takes a village for us too.”

Huddle member Kim Ward first joined the group to simply get a workout, visit with friends, and get on with the day. She didn’t expect to be ministered to, or the challenge to minister to others. She quickly began to recognize the value of unexpected parts of the morning.

“I am gaining more time hearing God’s promises and His faithfulness and His amazing love,” she said. “It’s amazing how just a short time gathered together in the morning can change the mood of the day.”


Participating in the Huddles is no longer enough for these women. They want to give back, so Roberts suggested plugging into the local teams in their area. The Huddles provided watermelons for football two-a-day practices, gave popsicles to softball teams, and distributed goodie bags to a cheer team before their regional championship. At each event, they’ve given a devotional or gospel presentation along with serving.

“It’s really humbling to realize it’s bigger than me, and it’s giving the ministry away,” said Roberts. “It’s empowering people.”

She’s also awed watching God at work: “To see this be born out of seeing a need and prayer, the need to be met, and sit back and watch God work has really been fun, to do what you can do and trust God to do what you cannot do.”



To learn more about Fit N Faith and how to start a Huddle in your area, visit the Fayette County Women in Sports page here.