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Rest, Refuel

Published on February 03, 2017


God doesn't rush things.

So why do we feel the need to feed our frantic?

Travel teams filling up every weekend. Year-round training and recruiting. Schoolwork, pressure from parents, stiff competition at younger and younger levels. Coaching demands that burn into all hours of the night. Meetings, temptations of the world, replacing what’s best with what’s right now.

RestThe world says rush; God says rest. And Jesus promises that if we get away with Him, we’ll recover our life.

Since calm was God’s idea, why are we so swept up in chaos? We crave deep refueling but can’t seem to take the time to clear the clutter in our hearts to hear from God. Rest is elusive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be found. But what can be done to defy the restless in our hearts and find a settled peace that anchors us unwavering?

FCA's exploring this question through FCA Magazine’s latest issue, sliced into digestible bits with a five-day digital Bible reading plan.

Join us as we tackle:

• Sabbath

• Intentional Rest

• Quieting Your Soul

• Breaking from Busy

• Resting in Jesus

Rearrange time in your schedule to meet with God. Slow yourself. Unplug. Set your phone aside. Be still. Center on Christ. Invite a friend to walk this journey with you.

Give yourself permission to pause and start a spiritual transformation that begins one day at a time. Let’s explore God’s intention for rest together!