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Global Grit: Vision Eyes

Pursue the vision He’s planted in your soul.

Published on August 03, 2016

Dan Britton

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”    -Helen Keller


At age two, Craig MacFarlane was blinded in a tragic accident. Yet, he turned his defeat into victory by becoming a world-class athlete who won over 100 gold medals in sports like wrestling, track and field, and downhill skiing. He even shot a 91 in golf!

Vision EyesCraig doesn’t have his eyesight, but he does have a powerful inner vision that fuels his drive to overcome. As a result, he has motivated millions of people with his vision!

It has been said, “One person with vision in their eyes can multiply and change the world!” People who have vision in their eyes have shape and change history. For those leaders, there was a vision birthed deep in their soul, and it changed the way they lived…and the way others lived too.

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants.”    – Amos 3:7

Every vision needs to have three key ingredients. If you want a God vision, not just a good vision, then answer these three questions:

1. Is your vision too complicated?

If you vision is not clear, then it is too complicated. A vision needs to be simple but powerful. You should be able to able to clearly, concisely, and consistently communicate your vision in a way that is memorable. Write it down. Make it short. It needs to be repeatable.

The first ingredient of a God vision is simple.

2. Is your vision too small?

If your vision doesn't terrify you, then it is too small. A God vision should be so huge that you are bound to fail unless God steps in. Every vision needs to be compelling. You must get the “no way!” response when you share your vision. How big is your vision?

The second ingredient of a God vision is terror.

3. Is your vision too narrow?

If your vision doesn't include others, then it is too narrow. Having a vision doesn’t mean you against the world. A God vision must include others. God will rise up a multitude to embrace and own your vision.

The third ingredient of a God vision is others.

One person who has a God vision is FCA Ukraine Director, Andriy Kravstov, who wants to reach all 80,000 coaches in Ukraine for Jesus Christ. When he shares his three-part vision, you realize that it is clear, big, and wide. He believes that every coach in Ukraine deserves to hear the Gospel, every coach deserves to own a Coaches Bible, and every coach deserves to be in a Coaches Huddle. The first time he shared his vision, it produced a fire in my heart, and I have not forgotten. I want to be a part of the vision!

Don’t let the pace of life, negative thinking, doubts, and fears kill your vision. Do whatever it takes to hear from God over the chaos of life and pursue the vision He’s planted in your soul. One person with vision in their eyes can multiply and change the world!


"Father, give me a vision so big that I am bound to fail unless You step in. Use me to impact the world.  In Jesus’ name, amen."