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Capturing the Heart

Published on May 23, 2016

Sarah Rennicke

One weekend in 2007, Coach William held a sports camp in Malaysia. It was meant to only be a one-time event, but one camp turned into two, then three, until he appeared to stumble into a sports ministry call for his country. In 2014, he went to sports leader training in South Korea, where he was introduced to FCA. Intrigued by what the ministry was doing in the U.S., William met the East Asia Coordinator, who helped him paint and embrace the picture for Malaysia. Soon after, William began his teamwork with FCA.

Christianity makes up 10% of the country’s religion, a speck in the 30 million population. William carries a burden for every Malaysian to hear the gospel at least once in their lifetime, yearning to share the life giving truth he heard himself as a teen.

Footie 2
A Malaysian soccer coach teaches his athletes spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

William, four full-time and three part-time staff, and volunteers are honing in on 3Dimensional Coaching. Coaches quickly latch on to the value and faith-based ideals, a refreshing concept in an oftentimes crowded atmosphere. “They need the heart aspect, the spiritual dimension,” said Coach William.

Some have recognized similarities in principles they’ve established in their own teams, but can now give it new life and a name.

The noncommittal lifestyles of current athletes and coaches make this deep dimensional teaching method necessary and urgent. “People are doing all the wrong things,” he said, “so 3Dimensional Coaching will be easier to guide the players who want to be performing, influence players to play to the best of their ability, and teach them to be a role model for others.”

Many coaches in Malaysia only coach on the first level, a strictly physical dimension. But the second (mind and emotions) and third (spiritual and soul) levels are necessary for a wholeness that transcends beyond play and into profound purpose. William has seen misguided athletes and coaches unable to live their lives as they are meant to, because they are constantly distracted by worldly noise clamoring for their attention.

Said William, “Many professionals are not able to train and cope with what is going on inside. A lot of players can’t deal with the fame and don’t know what’s right and wrong.”

This is the burden that continues to burn in William to raise Christian sports ministers to impact the nation, or, as he says, “bringing FCA to the masses of Malaysia.”