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We at FCA Ghana have come under the conviction that Ghana and most African nations are poor not because we lack resources, but because we need to grow in our devotion to God. God has given Africa innumerable natural resources. Ghana alone sits upon land rich in gold, timber, cocoa, diamonds, bauxite, and manganese.

In 2007 Ghana discovered that our nation has an oilfield containing more than 3 billion barrels of oil. How then, can our poverty be explained? It should surprise us to learn that 50% of the GDP continues to revolve around subsistence agriculture that employs 85% of the total workforce. The vast majority of our people are working merely to survive.

It can be stated with confidence that the extreme poverty in the midst of abundance, point to the fact that most Africans, Ghanaians in particular, do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. FCA Ghana wants to impact Ghana for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. We want to see coaches and athletes become living testimonies of what it means to follow Christ as His disciples.


By Alvaro1984 18 (Own work) [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons


Vincent Asamoah
Ministry Director
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