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“Road to Gold” Prayer Guide

A 31-Day Prayer guide for the Summer Games

Join us in prayer for 31 days in August to pray for the 2016 Olympics. More than 10,000 Olympian athletes and coaches from all nations will gather to compete. FCA desires to support these Olympians, the Olympic Committee, and Brazil through prayer. Use the 31-Day "Road to Gold" Prayer Guide to help you intercede for the 2016 Olympics.

Day 1    Pray for travel and preparations. Pray for safety as delegations from around the world travel to Brazil. Pray for the preparations being made at each competition venue. Pray for the competitors’ training. Pray for safety related to environmental hazards presently at work in Brazil.

Day 2    Pray for protection. Pray that human trafficking surrounding the Olympic Games is diminished and that offenders are brought to justice.

Day 3    Pray for the credentialed chaplains as they serve in the Religious Services Center in the Olympic Village and for chaplains assigned to various national delegations and teams.

Day 4    Pray for Brazil as they host the Olympic Games, for the organizing committee, for each community in which Olympians compete and for smooth logistics. Pray that the Olympics are a blessing for the local economy.

Day 5    Pray for the Opening Ceremony and all those who will participate. Pray these games will provide a setting for men and women to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day 6    Pray for the Olympians as the competitions begin today. Pray for everyone to compete at their highest level.

Day 7    Pray for the Olympians to look to God during the moments of pressure— not to drugs, cheating or harming another person.

Day 8    Pray for the Olympians to maintain unity among teammates and competitors from other nations.

Day 9    Pray for the Olympic support staff who work long hours without much rest.

Day 10  Pray for the Olympians to compete with humility not self-promotion.

Day 11  Pray and ask God to open the hearts of the Olympians to seek out God through conversations with chaplains.

Day 12  Pray for the Olympians and spectators from restricted nations to have divine appointments to hear the Gospel.

Day 13  Pray for the outreach projects taking place around the stadiums to share the Gospel with spectators and local communities.

Day 14  Pray for travel safety as people move between the many Olympic competition sites throughout Brazil.

Day 15 Pray for the officiating teams of each sport to have strength, alertness and courage to make the best calls.

Day 16  Pray for the medical staff to have the strength and clarity of mind to serve the Olympians with excellence.

Day 17  Pray for the Christian Olympians to be salt and light in the Olympic village and arenas of competition.

Day 18  Pray for the families of the Olympians as their emotions run high in support of their Olympian.

Day 19  Pray for the Olympians to persevere even though most of them will not achieve the goal to win a medal.

Day 20  Pray that all the Olympians would discover their identity in Christ.

Day 21  Pray for teamwork to be strong among the Olympic teams as competitions draw to a close. Pray for the Closing Ceremony and all those who will participate.

Day 22 Pray for those who travel back to their homes today. Pray for safe travel and that they are received well at home by the love and admiration of their friends, teammates and families.

Day 23 Pray for those who find themselves at the end of their sporting careers. Pray that they deal well with the loss of identity, disruption of routine, and other issues that cause them grief. Pray that they turn to Christ to find their true identity.

Day 24 Pray for ministry follow up from the Olympic Games in Brazil within the various teams, delegations and chaplains who served in the Religious Services Center.

Day 25 Pray for Olympians—both coaches and athletes—to impact the world for Jesus Christ through their Olympic influence.

Day 26  Pray for the nation of Brazil as they deal with the cleanup, restructuring, financial burdens and other follow up issues.

Day 27  Pray for the Church in Brazil as they follow up their evangelistic efforts surrounding the Olympic Games and for fruit that will last.

Day 28  Pray for the competitors who went home disappointed and are dealing with depression. Pray also for those who won medals but found success to be hollow and not fulfilling. Pray that they reach out to Christ to bring their souls genuine joy and satisfaction.

Day 29 Pray for Christians to grow in passion to serve coaches and athletes in their communities.

Day 30  Pray for the preparations being made for the Paralympics, September 7-18, in Brazil. Pray for the competitors, officials, organizing committee and volunteers.

Day 31 Pray for the Paralympics and use this guide again during the month of September to pray for the Paralympics.


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