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    Miracle in the Mountains

    July 29,2022

    God is in the stretching business! He wants us to leave the familiar, the safe and the comfortable so He can grow, build and strengthen our faith.
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  • God's Purpose for FCA Mexico

    FCA Mexico embraces baseball and football as avenues to minister to coaches and athletes and grow sports ministry in the country.

  • Now is the Time: FCA Japan

    The time is right for FCA Japan to make an impact through the sport of baseball.

  • Hoops Hospitality

    Four Philippines coaches attended FCA Camps in the United States to reach out to Filipino Americans and spread the Good News.

  • FCA Uganda- Sarah's Story

    “I want to encourage them that if they trust and believe in God, there is always hope."

  • Higher Calling

    Team Canada's Brooke Pighin uses her athletic platform to inspire others to believe in miracles.

  • Miracles in India

    God is using FCA India to make an impact on the world's second-most populated nation.

  • 2014 IMPACT Internships

    IMPACT Internships in Europe and South Africa allow students to get hands-on training in sports ministry, develop into spiritual leaders.

  • Living His Dream

    James Oilar's desires led him to South America, where he is leading FCA's ministry to coaches and athletes in Colombia and Venezuela.

  • FCA Philippines Needs Your Help

    FCA Philippines needs help as it ministers to and helps restore the livelihoods of those effected by Typhoon Haiyan.