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FCA desires to fulfill our vision statement by impacting the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. Currently, most of our ministry is US bordered. FCA International is working to increase its impact through partnering with existing international ministries and other sports ministries.

FCA International Strategic Plan

To further extend God’s impact through FCA, the organization has laid out five strategies to build FCA’s international ministry and make an impact for Christ outside of the United States:

1) Connecting FCA’s 450 field offices and 1,200 staff members to the world
Create awareness of FCA’s international ministry within its organization, and help each field office build a focus, strategy and purpose for connecting with a specific area of the world.

2) Train the trainers
Allow those who would lead sports ministries overseas to come to the United States and “shadow” FCA staff members to learn how FCA’s approach to sports ministry works in America and how they can develop ways to adapt those concepts to match their culture. Also, sending FCA staff members overseas to train groups in sports ministry techniques.

3) Distribute resources
FCA is known worldwide for its resources, and opening channels to get those resources to the rest of the world is already underway. Spanish, Ukrainian and Mandarin language resources are on shelves, as is the first-ever Chinese sports devotional. FCA’s Heart of an Athlete has been translated into several languages. Translating camp curriculum and inserting it into the back of FCA Bibles in 15 languages assists camp leaders all over the world.

4) Develop an affiliate program
A long-term goal is to see leaders from across the world building sports ministry in their country. International affiliates of FCA would be able to use FCA resources and tools to grow their ministries.

5) Work in partnership with sports ministry organizations
The sports ministry movement is made up of organizations and leaders from across the globe that come together to serve the world in sports ministry. “There is a 99 percent chance that a sports ministry leader is already in a location where we want to help,” said Britton. That allows FCA to team up with other leaders to make a greater impact.